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November 9, 2008

No rest, no food, no bath

Zandu's Journal

As Tythe unlocked the shackles I handed Gill the letter from the Pathfinders Society. He then explained that the book contained codes from an invading army over 100 years ago. The problem was that when he tried one of the codes the army rose from the dead and went to complete their mission. He did discover a master abort code that would prevent this from happening, he just couldnít remember it. Even worse it seems that a man called Nessiam had the book. We started to escort Gill and his three friends to the Pathfinders society, but unfortunately we saw some flashing lights from off in the distance. Gill remembered that that code meant the granary was to be poisoned. We sent his three friends off alone the as Gill and the rest of us went to prevent the entire city from a horrible death.

We found three town guards dead at the door, which was broken open. And inside the granary we found robed undead with a chest. Astrid sang and attacked, Salma called to her god, and Tythe did her best with a sword. I cast a few spells from behind as Dorin helped to defend us. The fight didnít last very long, after a couple of bursts of energy from Salma the undead were again dead. Just after the town guard showed up and we explained what happened. We searched the building, but found no sign of Nessiam, so we headed for the pathfinders Society .

I thought it was strange that everyone was in bed sleeping with everything that was going on, but I then found out the Gill’s three friends never made it there. We filled them in on everything and when Gill mentioned he knows a man who can help us find Nessiam we all headed of to the Siphons located under the Puddles district.

After walking chest deep in sea water, Dorin swimming most of the way, we came to a door and were eventually let in to ask Grand Master Torch what he knew of Nessiam. He was unwilling to just give us the info, buy we could buy it for 3000 gold. Yeah like we had that kind of money. So instead he gave us a challenge, he had five chests he was unable to open and he wanted us to open them without stealing anything. I know it was just a test of our character and abilities, the chests werenít that difficult to open. Torch was so impressed with us that he gave us the info and 100 gold each. Turns out Nessiam is holed up in an abandoned siege tower just outside of the city. As we were leaving the sewers the sun was rising and my stomach was growling. I stifled a yawn and thatís when it another signal was pointed out to me. We’ll have to forgo food and rest for now and go to the Metro Cathedral and stop more, then deal with Nessiam before we can go bathe, eat and sleep.

Posted by Fred at 10:36 | Zandu’s Journal

Long to go before I rest

Tythe's Journal

I donít want to sound like a total witch. The fact is that I feel like a fish out of the sea and I still have yet to get my land legs. I miss my family, the crew and my Father. I donít miss the evil back handed doings of my Sister. My latest dealings here in Absalom have brought it home to me just how far out of my own element I truly am. On board ship I was a force to be reckoned with. Yet here the simple task of putting down a few dead things seemed almost overwhelming. I am so happy to have my new found friends. Even though Zandu got me into this in the first place it is good to know he is at my back and that the others Salma, her healing touch and Astrid with her song stand with me. They are not my family but as friends and fellow adventurers they will more than do and I look forward to a hopefully long and profitable future together.

I was miserable this day. The heat and stink of the Puddles, the cold and fog surrounding the granary and the undead things, I will not call those things men. The traipsing off from one place to another following one clue and then another, wading through stinking filth to find that the person weíd been told could help us in our task was uninclined to do so. I admit I didnít deal well with him and I accused him of wasting our time. The look on his face said something of a puzzle to me in that silent language and immediately felt I should better have said nothing and I could not meet his eyes again. I thought for a moment that I had ruined everything and Iíd let everyone down but In the end after a test of our character he chose to help us after all. I have a lot to learn if I am to live the life of the land lover.

I am hungry and tired I need a bath and I want a drink like never before in my life but something tells me that there is much to do and we may have a long journey yet before any of us may rest.

Posted by Jon at 14:51 | Tythe’s Journal