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October 19, 2008

Arrival in Absalom

Zandu's Journal

Just before I left the ship that brought me to this marvelous city I made the acquaintance of two very capable females. Tythe is a very dark-skinned elf, tall, agile and as I found out likes rum, a lot. Astrid is a half-elf who seems to prefer carrying a very large sword and as I later discovered has a wonderful talent with music.

We were on our way to a nice inn called the Golden Griffin when I noticed three men drag a fourth off into an alley. It may not have been the best of ideas, but I lead my to new friends over to help this stranger. I was attempting to be discreet, but I guess Astrid doesnít know what that is. Anyway after some talk with the one assailant, I told them simply that if they let the guy go I would let them live. His response was to have three more of his friends come at us from behind. We killed a few before they ran off. Thatís when we met Salma. She just showed up and started to heal the wounded, and was berating us for fighting. I explained to her what happened and she seemed to reluctantly calm down. The victim, Torin Radu, thanked us and told us he would deal with the town guard, so I invited Salma to join us for a drink as well.

Within a few minutes we were all sitting at the bar enjoying a drink (Salma had water, her preference) and I asked the bartender how to find out information on a map. I was again told about the Pathfinder Society and was given directions on how to get there. I talked with my new companions as Salma led the way and Astrid tried to keep Tythe walking in a straight line. She really likes her rum. Fascinating group I have now I only hope my sisters grows up to have the same traits these three ladies have.

At the Pathfinder Society I was told I could get the info if I went to collect a book from a man named Gill. I agreed and again Salma lead us to something called the Puddles District. Itís a very rough part of town where only the poorest of people live. I felt for them as we made our way to our destination. Unfortunately, we could tell something was wrong when we reached Gillís house. The door was open, and no one answered. Astrid saw someone watching us so I went after to see if this person saw what happened. For a few copper the nice old lady informed us that three men went in and took Gill from his house and dragged him off to some cliffs. She pointed the way and we were off as fast as we could go.

What I saw appalled me, these men had four old men shackles together and were about to push them off a cliff. I told them that if they let the old men go I would let them live. So the one kicked the first off and all of them started to go over. Astrid ran and caught the chain to pull them up. I was kind of low on spells from my last fight so I pulled my bow along with Tythe (she is an amazing shot) and we started to attack.

When all was said and done I had to give Astrid a healing potion and took one myself. Salma was tending to the old men and the attackers were either dead or had run off like the cowards they are.

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