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Tythe’s Journal

What a hangover. One thing I never dealt with too well was the transition from ship to dry land. It always makes me sick. A bottle of rum and some good company usually helps. Good company, I canít believe I said that Here I am trying to stay out of sight and what happens my very first day in town. I end up hanging out with the one guy who will most likely draw allot of unwanted attention in my direction, Zandu. First he decides to help out some drunk getting the stuffing knocked out of him in an alley and then what do I do I follow him to yet another fight saving some old geezers from some ruff characters who looked like they were just thrown out of an orc charm school. Yeah, I know I didnít have to follow him but what can I say I never could turn down a good fight.

Zandu has a way of getting people to follow him thereís no denying. He not only got me to follow him but two others as well. Astrid is a bit on the slow side. I suspect thatís just because of her upbringing. I would never think of her as stupid. She may not understand why anyone would sleep in a bed but Iím sure in her element she would far surpass any of the rest of us in knowing how to handle herself. Another who seems to have joined our little band if for no other reason than to try and keep Zandu under some sort of control is Salma. She is some sort of cleric or something like that. Sheís good with a quick cure but as quick as she is itís nothing compared with her temper. I have to admire her bravery the way she stomped into the middle of our little battle in the alley. Well thatís it for now. Iím probably making a big mistake but I think Iíll stick around for a while. If for no other reason than I find these characters entertaining.

Posted by Jon on October 22, 2008, 23:27 | Tythe’s Journal