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Adventures, DM’s Notes & Maps

433 gold pieces

Pyramid of the Dog (outside Absalom)
619 gold pieces
3 amethysts (100 gp each)

7 silver “skull” rings
1 potion of cure light wounds, Salma
1 vial of antitoxin, Deaglan
101 gold pieces
78 silver pieces
26 copper pieces
1 amethyst
1 potion of healing

1 potion of invisibility, Salma (carried)

Shoreline of Kortos
8 gold pieces
12 silver pieces
1 white pearl

treasure map, Tythe (carried)

Treasure Cave
fake gold (lead) sceptor, Deaglan
200 platinum pieces
200 gold pieces
700 silver pieces

longsword (magic), Deaglan
+1 Bracers of Armor, Salma
3 arrows (evocation magic), Deaglan
masterwork mithril shirt, Tythe

Fist of Orcus, Candal (sold)
“screaming demon” box (abjuration and conjuration magic), Candal (discarded)
2 copper rings (10gp each)
1 silver ring (15 gp)
1 bronze necklace (8gp)
1 silver brooch with amethyst (50gp)

Between Carpenden and Olfden
2 amethysts (100gp each)

ring of Feather Fall, Tythe
+1 keen dagger (glows), Tythe
2 moonstones (40gp each)
1000gp (bulette reward money)
6400gp (bulette remnants)

Snowy Mountains of Stonehelm

adamantine breastplate, Candal
dwarven helm of True Strike, Salma
Pipes of the Sewers, Liake
gold inlaid Mwangi spear (broken), Griselda
3 white pearls
2 scrolls of Lesser Restoration, Salma (carried)
18 +3 crossbow bolts, Salma

+1 throwing axe, Griselda (carried)
iron key, Griselda

+1 Frost Warhammer, Candal (carried)
Pearl (of Power?, magic), Salma (carried)
“Rainox the Great” +2 Lion heavy steel shield (intelligent), Candal
+1 Dwarven waraxe, Candal
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Candal
Dwarven prayer goblet of Lesser Restoration, Candal

Abandoned Dwarven Monastery
+1 Rod of the Python (staff), Salma
604 gp
10 sp
6 cp

2 potions of Owl’s Wisdom, Salma (carried)
2 amethyst gems
1 tiara
12 rings
8 bracelets
3 necklaces
Crown of the Kobold King (+2 Cha), McLovin
Humanbane (battleaxe, small), Candal (discarded)
+1 Heartripper blade (dagger), Tythe
Golembane (gold scarab beetle pin), Liake
+2 hide armor, Salma
1 potion of bull’s strength, Tythe
+1 bastard sword (Linnorm Kings), Griselda
Soul Cage (from demon box, detailed above)
1000 gp (from demon box, detailed above)

Iron Fortress, Abyss
4 diamonds (5000 each)
4 keys (silver, gold, bronze, iron), Griselda

*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified....

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