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September 24, 2005


Jin's Journal

I wake with a start, a scream stuck in my throat. It’s the third time since the incident with Gib. I wash my face in the basin I keep in my room and look into my mirror.

“I have to get over it.” I tell myself, but I am unable to do that. “This is going to kill you if you don’t deal with it.” I say to my reflection. It’s still hours before sunrise. The blessed part of the day where my haunting dreams face and I seem to find some sort of peace. Until then I wander the shadowy halls that my mind seems to have become. It was all very clear two weeks ago. I did what I needed to do in order to survive. The catch is this guy was defenseless to me. He was totally unable to defend himself against my attack. Granted he was doing something that obviously he shouldn’t have been doing. That, however, is a small comfort.

I awake again a few hours later. My brother is up and getting ready to go to work as I lay in bed unable to face him. My thoughts are clouded and I’m begging for some sort of distraction.

Gib stopped by sometime after lunch to see how I’m doing. I think he sees it but he won’t discuss it with me. Several hours later we receive a letter from Captain Jak to meet her and K’ehleyr at the Broken Anvil at breakfast. I’m thankful when I wake without these troubling dreams and hope I can get through the day.

Outside the inn Captain Jak hands me a slip of paper and the message on it is rather disturbing. We four enter the inn and barley get a “Morning” in when Lady d’Vown tells us to take the backpack and get out. Immediately after, aother warforged with four kobald companions enters and attack Lady d’Vown. We fight as best we can and kill the four kobalds, but it cost us. K’ehleyr was down and we are no match for the warforged without her. Suddenly the inn fills with a pure white cloud, and Lady d’Vown takes her leave. I run and grab K’ehleyr and head towards the nearest house of healing. Looking over my shoulder I see Captain Jak and Gib right behind me.

After some healing we examine the backpack finding our mission and a lot of supplies. We spend the next couple of hours discussing our options and getting additional supplies. Now we’re on a ship toward our destination. I attempt to occupy my time by learning as much as I can. The only other distraction was a fight with some skeletal creatures that climbed aboard.

We docked today, I haven’t had any dreams yet, and I hope they are done. At least till this is finished.

Posted by Fred at 01:12 | Jin’s Journal

A Trip

Gib's Journal

Some time past from our last work for the crazy old lady, but once again she called us for a mission. Never got ambushed before getting a job before, that was interesting.

More Warforged scum and some Kobolds, forced us to flee the meeting. Got the job though. Have to go on a ship, not happy about that.

On the bright side, my guild saw this trip coming and now I have some extra fun ahead. Sojin, my mentor, has a bit of revenge that is long overdue. Some people just don’t understand that if you have a problem with a member of the Goblin’s Tower, every member of the Goblin’s Tower has a problem with you.

Oh, dream won’t go away. Seer says it is a warning, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Posted by Jim at 08:47 | Gib’s Journal