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Day 01 The party explores the ruined church surrounds (mostly graveyard). All plots are empty, many looking as though they were un-interred from the inside. They then explore the town of Red Falls. All houses are empty, as if people just stopped in the middle of meals, chores, etc. and left.

Later, the party finds the three remaining inhabitants of Red Falls, inside the Silver Lantern: Merrick, a human miner, Ayla a "healer" (she wouldn't help the party members with injuries), and the innkeeper, a halfling called Oslo Bumblefoot. We were informed that the inn and town had been protected by a silver lantern that was taken by a stranger named Therion, after which all the dead buried around the church had risen from their graves, and the townspeople had all become enslaved zombies. Each night, the undead return to the iron mine. The survivors were not sure why, but they were concerned that something even worse would happen on the upcoming Full Moon in two night's time.

The survivors agree to let the party stay at the Inn, and they get to witness the horrific spectacle of the entire town rising and heading to the iron mines.
Day 02 Our heroes ensconce themselves in the Silver Lantern, and are able to see the undead shamble into the woods and disappear into the mines. The party waits until dawn, and then searches the forest surrounding the mines, destroying any undead that hadn't made it to wherever their current resting place is. They appear to be "regular" dead bodies during the day.

The group returns to the Inn to find that the three occupants are gone.
Day 03 Our heroes enter the mine, and begin to find body parts, rats with body parts that aren't their own, an elevator, more bodies, and lots of aggressive (Tucker's) kobolds.
Day 04 After resting in the Inn overnight, the party went back to the mines. They met a man in the woods (some had caught glimpses of before), calling himself Phalen, an oracle of Pharasma, who called the party "The Saviors of Red Falls" and claimed they have the "aura of Pharasma."

The heroes go back into the mines, now fighting kobolds that claim to follow the "Whispering One."
Day 05 As the heroes wend their way through the mines, they befriend (via Diplomacy!) a kobold gatekeeper named Neeps, and learn that the bulk of his tribe is working in the mines for the Whispering One. Those that die continue to work. The party is safely hidden for a night's rest. Neeps also helps the heroes find safe passage with his brother Lort.

Later, the party successfully contacts Lort. He explains that his tribe is in jeopardy thanks to the kobold king Krill, who has sold their lives to the Dark One (human-sized cloaked figure). The king has two dozen of the "changed" kobolds as guards.

Lort, with his band of a dozen stalwart kobold companions, leads our heroes into the depths of the mine. The combined party engages and defeats six kobold zombies guarding the lift to whatever awaits below.

The party descends on the lift to find piles of old dead and skeletons, and can hear digging in one direction, and chanting of the Whispering Way's death cult: "Beyond death lies true life." They opt to follow the sounds of mining.

The heroes find cells with dead prisoners in them-- except for one old man hanging on to life. They scramble to find a key or lockpick to release him from his cell, but first they must defeat a few more undead and kobolds.

The party moves on through the mines, liberating most of the slaves, defeating the kobold king and his minions, to finally confront Therion, now a juju zombie....
Day 06 Our heroes defeat their possessed nemesis Therion (and release and heal the last remaining human prisoner), only to have the blue glowing orb that possessed him to retreat and then jump to a kobold, who, in turn, leads a group of his companions to attack the party. After they are defeated, the orb flees to a skull sitting on an alter elsewhere in the mine. Upon destroying the skull it's hiding in, the orb transfers itself into the party's druid.