Mines of Red Falls, Versex
Mining equipment (rope, lanterns, oil, pitons, and hammers)
Various small-sized armor, weapons, and ammunition
7 potions of Cure Light Wounds
2 vials of anti-plague, Kelerieth, Carmilla
2 vials of anti-toxin, Kelerieth
1 potion of Aid, Kelerieth

1 vial greenblood oil/poison (100 gp)
+1 Light Wooden Shield, Kelerieth
MW light wooden shield (153 gp)
MW leather armor (160 gp)
MW longsword, small, Divv
MW short sword, Carmilla
mithril scepter (600 gp)
2 agate gemstones (10 gp each)
14 bloodstone gems (50 gp each)
5 spinel gems (100 gp each)
10 silver ingots (50 gp each)
12 rock crystal quartz gems, roughcut (5 gp each)
15 platinum pieces
608 gold pieces
2475 silver pieces
1773 copper pieces (to be donated to kobolds and remaining town)
kobold king’s silver necklace (to be given to new kobold king)

masterwork thieves tools, Carmilla
wand of Magic Weapon, Divv
wand of Magic Stone, Kelerieth
scroll of Hide from Undead with scrollcase, Kelerieth

Soul soap, Kelerieth
6 sunrods
Therion’s journal, Carmilla

Road to Rozenport
scroll of Animate Dead, Divv
1 potion of Protection from Law
1 potion of Shield of Faith, Slave
glass and copper decanter (25 gp)
Agis of Recovery (medallion, 1500 gp), Slave
9 platinum pieces
94 gold pieces
168 silver pieces
1 obsidian (10 gp)
1 lapis lazuli (13 gp)
1 azurite (7 gp)
1 rock crystal quartz (10 gp)
1 turquoise (10 gp)
2 moonstones (35 gp each)

Road to Hyannis
15 gold pieces
25 silver pieces
17 copper pieces

Diary of a human hunter (haunt), Carmilla

Hungry Mountains
Cloak of Resistance (+1), Divv
+1 Dagger, Kelerieth
Silver and red gem ring (100 gp)
12 gold pieces
17 silver pieces
6 copper pieces

Keep in Hungry Mountains
3 iron keys, Carmilla
2 MW longswords
2 coin pouches
Book, Book of the Grave, Necromancer’s, covered with skin, Divv
♦ Talisman of Soul Stealing (cacodemon with vertebrae)
Elemental Gem, fire, Kelerith
1 potion, Cure Moderate Wounds, Kanye
1 potion, Cure Moderate Wounds, Slave
1 potion, Lesser Restoration, Kelerieth
2 amethysts (100 gp each)
+2 Spear (Backbiter), Slave
Ring of Protection (+1), Carmilla
Mithral chain shirt, Kanye
25 gold pieces
16 silver pieces
8 copper pieces
2 moonstones (50gp each)

Carrion Hill
Ring of Protection (+2), Kanye
Cloak of Protection (+1), Slave
Bracers of Armor (+1), Divv
Ring of Swimming, Divv
Pnakotic Manuscripts, Carmilla
Wand of Chill Touch, probably Carmilla, but sometimes Divv (x2 charges)
1500 gold pieces
10 potions, Cure Moderate Wounds, split by party
5 potions, Lesser Restoration, split by party

scroll, See Invisibility, Divv
scroll, Invisibility Purge, Carmilla
Dust of Appearance, Kelerieth
1 potion of Visibility

Ring of protection (+2), Kelerieth

Belt of Dexterity (+2), Kanye
Studded leather armor (+1), Carmilla
Iron key, Carmilla

475 gold pieces
4 flasks of purple violet poison
Longsword +1 Mithral Baned, (+3/2d6 vs. Aberrations), Kanye
Ring of Counterspell, Divv  
Item creation materials, Divv
potion, Cure Moderate Wounds, Slave
3 scrolls, Gentle Repose
Myers’ journal, Carmilla
4 iron keys, Carmilla

135 gold pieces
gold ring (30gp)
Wand of Suggestion, Carmilla
8 potions, Cure Light Wounds
8 potions, Oil of Taggit (poison)
scroll of Contact Other Plane, Divv
scroll of Planar Binding, Divv

scroll of Restoration, Carmilla
scroll of Scrying, Kelerieth

All other items went to individual inventories.

♦ sold
♞ stored
*stuff in this color has already been used or divided up for funds
**stuff in italics hasn’t quite been identified….


  • Kelerieth
  • Divv
  • Carmilla
  • Kanye
  • Slave

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