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October 3, 2003


Pockets' Journal

Well I have made a decision, we are all either going to die, or be turned into mindless minions for all of time. I wish I could tell you of a valiant mission to save all of elvinkind, or of the skill we displayed in battle, I can’t. No, we stink at the fighting thing, only one member of the party has skill in hand to hand, and when she gets knocked silly, we are doomed.

All of my life I heard the stories of heroes who would save the day, no matter the cost to themselves. I often dreamed of being the one who would jump in at the last second to deny the forces of evil, to save the day. Now I fear we are serving the evil.

We found ourselves in a situation where we had to defeat three monks to get some keys, to open something, to destroy the Heart. I won’t go into the fighting any more than to say, WE NEED MORE FIGHTERS. Oh, I would give my left arm to have Glorn with us now. He was a fighter let me tell you, yup, a barbarian from the north that could do little but fight. But oh, could that man fight. Glorn took out three gnolls who ambushed us, and he wasn’t armed.

Anyway, we get the keys and use them, save the day time, no, screw up time. After the last key was turned the pain started. The center of the floor in the main room opened releasing some sort of creature that is beyond a true description. It was larger than a team of horses, yet not really there. To top that it lashed out at us with tendrils that destroyed by mere touch. We did manage to toss the Heart into it, but the cost was great. We were no match for the creature as it ate through the walls and escaped into the world. The creature wandered off while we stood in awe, not to mention we lost most of our armor and our health was near nonexistent.

At least we did have time to read the runes in the hole, that seemed to have been holding this creature back, at least until we opened it. Now to figure out which evil person we helped, and then figure out how to stop their plans, without helping the other evil person do more harm to the world.

Posted by Jim at 14:02 | Pockets’ Journal

Map of Temple of the Void

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Copyright 2003 by Hugh and Kristin Johnson

Layout of the Temple of the Void, prior to our visit, courtesy of Drusilia Silverwood.

Copyright 2003 by Hugh and Kristin Johnson

Layout of the Temple of the Void, after our visit, courtesy of Drusilia Silverwood.