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August 30, 2003

Fafnir's Journal Entry 34 - Evil, or Just Plain Stupid?

Fafnir's Journal

Well, maybe we went the wrong way. Since Ghelt, Valon, and Drusilia failed to mention that there was a nice comfortable stairway leading down into the city of the salamanders, we decided to head off to the north, in the hopes that the passageway would wrap around and lead us to the city.

Well, it led us to A city... just not the one we had hoped for. After much trouble, we found ourselves overlooking a city of Mind Flayers! At this point Pockets decided to reveal his true colors. He is obviously trying to get us all killed!

We were preparing to head back the way we came before the mind flayers saw us, when Watch ran down into the city! We all thought she was a goner, but having no choice, we made a run for it. All of us except for Pockets and Ghelt, that is.

From Ghelt’s description of events, Pockets pulled out his crossbow and began shooting at Watch! Of course the mind flayers noticed this and began to give chase! Ghelt was about to knock some sense into him, when he took off as well.

I think we managed to escape, and we are now heading back the way we came (or at least we are heading away from the mind flayers!). An encounter with some duergar has left Pockets unconscious, which may be better for him... After his latest behaviour, he may have more than just Ghelt demanding an explanation.

Strangely, Aramil doesn’t seem that upset. It seems he also wants to kill the puppy. What is wrong with these people, are they evil, or just plain STUPID?!?!?

~=Fafnir Flamebrewer=~

P.S. I wonder why Pockets and Aramil aren’t afraid of the mind flayers?

Posted by Dave at 14:43 | Fafnir’s Journal

Deeper we go

Pockets' Journal

Farther and farther we go, into the deep of the Hellfurnaces. The party has decided to go farther to find a way around the city of flaming lizard people. I am trying my best to scout ahead as they asked, but the party won’t stay at the distance I asked.

At one point the party gets close to me, so I wait for them to see if all is well. To my surprise Aramil has a large gash in his back. Aramil took a swing at the mutt that the cleric refused to keep on a leash, I don’t blame him. It is then that Aramil says Ghelt took a swing at him and nearly killed him. Then only gave a partial healing. Why do they care more for the dog than the party.

Add that to the fact that Ghelt used her restore spell on the dog instead of me when I was wounded, makes me wonder what is going on. I may have to take matters into my own hands to fix this. I will not stand by and have my friend die due to the cleric’s desire to have a happy puppy.

Posted by Jim at 15:49 | Pockets’ Journal