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August 27, 2003

Now we run, and run fast.

Aramil's Journal

We decided to check out the one corridor opposite the exit of this large mountain. We traveled for what seemed like hours before coming to another large cavern with 3 possible exits. We went to the one straight across. After a bit we came to a room with mushrooms in it, and after a little debate entered. the mushrooms shrieked, we ran out and back to the previous cavern. We took a southward exit, and came to a large chasm with a rope bridge. There was magma in the chasm. Pockets made crossing the bridge look so easy, but I almost fell to my death twice. No one else would try so we waited as Pockets scouted ahead. There is some tension between Ghelt and I again over the stupid dog, but if she keeps it in its place I might just forgive it, after I get my spellbook fixed.

After waiting a little, we were being shot at by duergar. We fought, and scared them off. Fafnir cast fly on Ghelt and she was nice enough to carry us all over to the other the chasm so we wouldn’t be there when the duergar came back. We followed the passage for hours before we bumped into Pockets again. We continued following till we came to a ledge overlooking a large city. Now here I must go back several hours to mention something I forgot. After the mushrooms, and before the chasm of magma we came to a large cavern and were attacked by a stalagmite with arms or something. We fought it the best we could and Pockets finally killed it by making a feather token a tree and the rock falling from the ceiling crushed it. In this thing’s mouth we found a jade figure of what I am told is an illithid. Well this city we found was full of these creatures levitating everywhere. So we decided to leave, all of us except Pockets and Ghelt.

Now let’s get something straight here, I don’t care how much that dog needs to die, what Pockets did was just wrong. First he told the dog that there was magic in the city and sent the dog after it. I left at this point and the rest is just speculation, but the dog had crossbow bolts in it the next time I saw it, and we were all running from illithids. I think the dog tried to run for its life and was shot at by Pockets, and that’s how the illithids know we were there. Either way, Ghelt collapsed the tunnel to hopefully at least slowed down the illithids. Then we were attacked by more duergar at the chasm. We fought and Fafnir cast spells while looking like a dragon. After the duegar were all dead Fafnir carried us all over the chasm. I’m currently carrying Pockets because he accidentally set himself on fire and is now unconscious probably due to the duergar bolt sticking out of him. We’re going to continue to run for a long time, and I think I might have to protect him from Ghelt for a bit.

Posted by Fred at 21:55 | Aramil’s Journal