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August 21, 2003

Here We Go Again

Aramil's Journal

Well, Valon said he had a way there and so we decided to go right away. Drusilia needed to do some last minute things, so we waited for her, then off we went. After we got to the top of this mountain, it was mentioned that the portal wouldn’t open for just under 2 weeks. I mentioned something about making a camp, but no one listened. After a little looking around, Pockets pointed out this large red dragon coming after us. We didn’t panic this time, instead they came up with a very good plan, and we feather falled down into a 5’ by 5’ cave entrance. With the help of a carefully tied rope that is. Then we ran, and ran fast. Dru didn’t run as fast, but she had a few useful spells.

After a bit we came to a drop in the cave, it went straight down. Pockets just climbed. I tied a rope to myself and then climbed, just in case I had to catch him before he just fell to his death. The shaft went down for about 60 feet or so, then there was a drop into a cavern. I climbed back up to tell the others what was there, then climbed back down. At the bottom of the shaft I had to rely on the rope, you see they had to tie two ropes together to get to the bottom of the cavern, but it wasn’t done right, and when I let go of the shaft, I fell. Pockets used the sword to heal me and we waited for the others to come down.

There was enough light coming off the lava pools to allow us to see. We had a choice and somehow the party got split. Pockets, Fafnir and I went up one passage, Ghelt ,Valon, and Drusilia went the other. Our group traveled for a little the came across this moving lava. We attacked it and eventually killed it. We then traveled further coming to a split in the path. We went left and found the way out, and Pockets pointed out a spot with a lot of steam coming out; we think the dragon lives there. We followed the other path for a bit, but found nothing and went back to find our companions. When we met up with them the told us they met a lich. Whatever. Anyway I’ve been thinking and I might have a plan to kill the dragon, I’ll talk it over with the group, and see what they think.

Posted by Fred at 15:28 | Aramil’s Journal