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July 16, 2003


Aramil's Journal

We did it. Going to the temple and getting inside was relatively simple compared to finding the room the stone was in. There was a riddle on the floor which Valon was able to read and we couldn’t figure out what it meant. It said something like this, the Bold shall be crushed, the Righteous thwarted, the something or other (it meant left) flayed, the path best known is not as it seems, or something like that. It took a while of looking, then when 2 of our party went to look at the seal, they vanished. Naturally I went to see what happened and as soon as I went through the door, I found myself in another well-lit room with my friends. We saw an altar in the center with a lot of treasure, another altar on the far side with something on it spewing blood, and several mummies. The mummies were easily dispatched, but then appeared the lich with several vampire spawns. I thought we were all going to die. Valon had another idea though— he ran forward grabbed what was on the far altar, and ran back, Fafnir and I were casting spells, Drusilia was attempting to turn, even Pockets looked away from the treasure long enough to help. Ghelt kept Valon from being hurt, then the angel showed up and several things happened all at once. First a couple of vampire spawn gassed away, then the lich hit the angel with several deadly spells, the angel looked right at the lich and hacked it to death (or as much as a lich dies anyway).

The room around us started to collapse, but we made it to this portal I think the angel opened up for us, and we ended up in a town called Smallville. It seems to by my new friends’ home. were talking about going to a city to have certain evil artifacts destroyed. It seems our adventures are only beginning, and I have some very useful stuff.

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