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July 12, 2003

Victory, Well Partial Anyway

Aramil's Journal

I’m making this short as we are on the move. We went down into the catacombs to get the key. As we got there, I stepped on a trap, but we’re fine, then Pockets checked three doors. One in front, and one on either side. We went to the front one first, opened it and were promptly attacked. We all were hit hard except for Ghelt who seems to be able to handle herself in any situation. We fought, and when what’s his name the head vamp guy came we forced him back to his coffin. Drusilia disrupted him with her mace. We then went back to the tower to see the angel, but he wasn’t here, so we’ll rest then go to get the Heart and hopefully destroy it. Wish us luck.

Posted by Fred at 19:36 | Aramil’s Journal