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June 18, 2003


Drusilia's Journal

Earthday, Flocktime 13, 592 CY, continued again

We were only able to rest for a short while before Aramis urged us to be on our way. He told us to find someone named Urkel in the northern part of the city, in the catacombs. We planned on walking through the city to find him, since it was still light out, but as we were leaving the tower, we found a trapdoor under the accumulated bones of the first floor, and figuring Urkel was to be found in the catacombs, went down through a ladder found under the trapdoor. I should mention, we’ve been without a party leader for a long time, as Ghelt clearly does not want the position. I suggested that Valon take charge since he definitely has leadership qualities, and the party agreed. And then, for the most part, promptly ignored him. So much for “speak softly and carry a big stick”....

We found ourselves in a 10’ wide corridor of worked stone stained by water and the passage of time. The passageway would occasionally branch, but generally went north to south, so we started onward as close to “north” as it allowed. We occasionally found ourselves being stared at by rats, but did our best to ignore them. I’d lent the Sword of Pelor to Pockets, as it is difficult for him to use a crossbow effectively in these narrow passages.

We’d only gone a few hundred feet when we were ambushed by five wraiths. I feel considerably weakened from their attack, and most of my friends don’t look much better. I turned them as my comrades fought them, and then we dusted ourselves off and attempted to continue northward. We’d passed through two 20’ by 20’ rooms with sewer grates in them when we decided that above ground might be a better choice for our travels. An attack by four more wraiths and two wights confirmed this, and we went running as fast as we could back to the central tower’s access ladder. We encountered eight shadows on the way back, dispatching them as quickly as we could.

Aramis, of course, was still sitting in the tower in his weakened state, and was unable to restore any of the health we’d lost in the catacombs. He suggested that Urkel might be able to help us, and as Ghelt wandered off with the two newcomers (apparently getting a head start without our party leader?), Aramis told Valon, Fafnir and me that Urkel was a humanoid minion of Arkon who had slipped from his evil control. I hope that if I ever meet any other celestial beings that they are less cryptic. Aramis is obviously tired though, and admittedly, has never met this fellow “Urkel.” Not having anyone to talk to for hundreds of years has probably made the angel a bit peculiar too.

We caught back up with the rest of our party and started off across the city. I didn’t have a spell to make us invisible to undead again, but oddly, it wasn’t necessary as there were none about. We even checked a few of the ruined buildings on our way across the city— one was an old shop in which Fafnir found some loot under a floor tile— coins, rubies, moonstones and a magical silver earring engraved with the word “Cirsus.” Valon discovered that it provided the wearer with tiny lockpicks when the word was said. Pockets happily added it to his inventory.

A short while later, we came to another building, and I happened to notice that there was a symbol of a “sun” carved above the door. I was hoping this was a sign from Urkel, but we were unable to find him in the structure. There was a hole in the floor with a 60’ drop— it could be the entrance we seek, but we’re hesitant to drop into the catacombs if it isn’t. We’ll probably come back to it later though, if no more obvious (and less ominous) entrance can be found.

Reaching the northern side of the city at last, we came to a slightly more intact building with a sign on it showing a sword and something written in Ancient Suloise (which Pockets said must be “Armory” or something similar). Valon found a few magic crossbow bolts, and we were attacked by skeletal bats, one of which “kissed” Ghelt and paralyzed her. I turned them, and went to help Ghelt, but Aramil (who must be the party’s healer, in addition to being a fighter and mage) was rolling her around on the floor in an attempt to take her outside for some reason. Luckily, the paralysis wore off and she swatted him.

Leaving this probable weapon shop, we found that it was beginning to storm out— huge bolts of lightning were hitting around us— we really needed to find Urkel soon! We found a three-story “tavern” of sorts, and it looked like an obvious choice to get out of the storm. As soon as we went in though, we were confronted by three allips— undead who attempt to drain people of their wisdom by muttering madly. Most, if not all, of my comrades we instantly fascinated by them, I was lucky to have one more undead turning available to me, though I don’t think they’ll be gone for long. We’ll likely have to go back out into the storm to continue our search....

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