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May 10, 2003

Still No Frogs

Korin's Journal

A bit confusing, won’t let me have it, drop me first me thinks.

It still want to kill him me thinks.

Dru heals me now, no longer try to kill me. Me glad Korin didn’t listen to my friends and kill her.

Think human smell funny, might just be me though.

They all yell at Korin.

Korin see evil things in mist, why don’t they, Korin must protect them.


Jon fight good with Precious, still think it kill him.

I drawl symbol of Yondalla on axe, maybe she help Korin with dead things.

Korin must save party, they not want to even know about dead people now, they are so confused.

Wonder what Ghelts’ favorite color is.

Three coming Korin, Korin must kill them, stench ohh so bad..

Running to party, must warn them again.. Yondalla is talking to me, strange, nice, no no.... aahhh, She is right.

She said some have to go to the heart of evil to know what to do. She says I now can help, now that I see. She is angry. It all a bit fuzzy, long story she try to tell me, Korin not remember it all.

Think Dru is ..... no that’s not her...

Hi Faf.

Posted by Jim at 06:47 | Korin’s Journal