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April 25, 2003

Korin is Scary

Jonathan's Journal

Well, we started walking down one hallway, and we came to an impenetrable darkness. Well, we decided not to enter the darkness, and walked back to the large room. We then went down another hallway. We walked for a while, had a small encounter, and after trying a few doors we came to a large room. There we fought a few skeletons, and Fafnir found a room behind some tapestry. I picked up a dwarven waraxe from the one skeleton. It’s the best weapon I’ve ever seen, so Ghelt said she’d teach me to use it. Ghelt, Korin and I entered the hidden room, and were promptly electrocuted.

When I was revived, I had to go back in for the other two. I got them out, but was zapped again. When I came to, they decided we’d stay there for the night.

The next day we decided to make a run for it, and most of us got into the corridor in one piece. That’s when Korin scared me. I used the axe to cut down the door at the other end of this corridor, and he called the axe “My Precious.” I don’t know why, but later he pointed an arrow at me.

You see, on the other side of this door was a 3-foot wide stairwell, and we were going down, when we heard flapping, after what happened a couple of days ago, we needed to get to a better vantage point. Korin was last in line, and said he wasn’t going to let us up till I handed him “My Precious,” talking about the axe. I said “no.” I took out a rope and lowered my other companions down to the stairwell, below us, Fafnir gave me a potion of spider climb so I could get down. I offered to lower Korin down, but he pointed an arrow at me and demanded the axe. I said “no,” and spider climbed down.

It turned out to be bats. Lots and lots of bats. I spider climbed to the bottom, and came back up to carry Drusilia down. Fafnir cast flying on himself, and gave Ghelt spider climb as well. Korin apparently climbed down, and I made it clear if he ever did that again, I’ll defend myself. We then continued on....

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