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April 18, 2003

Multiclass Characters

~PC Creation & House Rules~

Players can take additional base (PC) classes without applying the penalty for non-favored classes. For example, a 5th level halfling fighter who chooses to add a level of cleric would not incur the 20% experience point penalty for multiclassing.

Restrictions for multiclassing classes such as Paladin or Monk still apply.

Posted by Hugh at 23:34 | ~PC Creation & House Rules~


Jonathan's Journal

Well, Ghelt didn’t become a flying head, and so I’m sure we’re all going to be okay, if they can forgive me anyway. We were able to get across the chasm by making a rope bridge with 2 ropes, and a safety catch with the third. After that, we picked a passage and traveled for a while. We bumped into a bunch of undead that was scarily easy to dispatch. Korin said the spirits told him we needed to go right, so we went right. After a short walk, and a pit trap, we found a large room. Most of my companions stayed at the main door; I went in with Korin. Suddenly we were surrounded by shadows, who just vanished when Ghelt turned them. Next it went fuzzy. Korin ran, and I think a shadow or something possessed me. I turned and started attacking my companions. I tried to stop myself, but was unable to. Ghelt and Drusilia knocked me out and I was in control of myself again. We knocked out Fafnir who was also possessed, and we fought the thing that came out of him. it left and we were exhausted. Personally I would feel better if we moved on, and my companions agreed with me, so tired and shaken we move on.

On a side note, I can’t seem to shake this cough.

Posted by Fred at 23:58 | Jonathan’s Journal