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March 23, 2003

Fafnir's Journal Entry 15 - New Companion, Travels Continue, Ouch!

Fafnir's Journal

We have moved on from the stone giant’s home, and we have gained a new companion as well.

After doing some trading with the stone giants (through which I was able to obtain a scroll with a new spell - feather fall), the stone giants were kind enough to look at our map, and give us more directions that should lead us to the Heart of Nerull. We were then ready to leave.

Before going, Drusilia thought to check with them to see if they might need some of her healing powers. Although the giants themselves were fine, they did mention that they had found a human who could use some help, as he was very badly beaten.

The giants led us into a room where we saw the most mangled human ever! It was with some dismay that we realized (after the healing), that his appearance wasn’t entirely caused by his wounds! Feeling sorry for the chap, we asked him about his colorfully decorated armor. (I thought maybe his children had painted it for him...)

Jonathan (as we learned was his name), explained that he was a fighter, and that he followed the god Mayaheine, whose symbol he had painted on his shield. Grateful for the healing that we had given him, and lacking any other plans, he offered to accompany our group, and give us protection. He seemed to be eager to help, and we agreed to let him join our party.

Our travels continued uneventfully for a while, with the only odd thing being Korin. He thinks he is still talking to Trap, and has decided that he can perform all of the same rogue-like skills... to this end he has offered to be our ‘scout’. I have encouraged this, as we don’t have a rogue right now, and I figure that Korin will do as good as any.... either he will learn the needed skills to stay alive, or he will at least have fun dying trying.

Near the end of our first day’s travel, we came upon a cave in a cliff face. When Korin climbed up to examine it, there came a beautiful singing from the cave. Wanting to hear it better, I immediately spider climbed up the wall and followed Korin in.

This bit is rather disturbing, as I have no memory of it - Apparently the rest of our party chased after us and found Korin and I having our skin eaten(!) by harpies. Luckily they were able to kill the harpies before we were entirely consumed!

I can’t believe that I was so easily affected by their music. Maybe if Valon were here, he could have helped. I remember him speaking to me once of songs and countersongs, but I think you need some kind of special training to do that. We spent the night near the edge of the cave, so that we would have some shelter. (though this did take some persuading from Ghelt, who isn’t acting quite as crazy today as she has the past few - apparently some of the information the giants gave us has her quite shaken.)

The next day’s travel was quite uneventful, until we set up camp for the night. That night we were attacked by a large group of huge talking wolves! The wolves taunted us, and skulked amongst the boulders, until we were able to goad them into attacking. (we wanted to get it over with, so we could rest the remainder of the night!).

Ghelt, Jonathan, Drusilia, and I all gathered on an outcropping of rock, while Korin went out amongst some boulders, to do whatever it is that he does. We were able to kill several of the wolves, and chase the others away, but not before most (or all) of us were bitten at least once!

I am not sure what Korin was thinking, but rather than using his sword for the battle, he decided that he would use a large ring he had purchased from the giants. Now, when I say large, I mean the ring is large enough for Korin to wear as a headband! He did manage to loop the ring around one of their heads, and was riding the wolf for about 3 seconds before it threw him off, and fiercely started biting him. I am not sure why he did these things in the middle of battle, rather than helping us fight, but I guess that is just ‘his way’. Maybe he is tired of only talking to Trap, and wants to join him in the afterlife? Only Korin knows.

In any case, once the wolves ran off, we were able to rest throughout the night. Drusilia did display some concern that they might have been Werewolves, and that we could all be at risk for lycanthropy! Hopefully, her prayers will give her the knowledge to determine if that is the case, and if so, to heal us! If not, we may have even more troubles.

For now, we are breaking camp and moving on.

~=Fafnir Flamebrewer=~
Flocktime 6, 592CY

P.S. I am hoping we find a safe place to rest for a day or two, so that I can copy my new spell into my spellbook, but the chances of that are looking pretty slim. ~ FF

Posted by Dave at 11:25 | Fafnir’s Journal

..Kitty ...Ring... Hum...

Korin's Journal

“Oh, hi again.” Trap is more fun now, didn’t think that possible.

Gunnie is holding me up so I can be the leader. I feel so proud.

Cool, I get to go climb into cave...

Jon is ugly, Trap likes him though, I will try to protect him from Dru.

Fafnir says that I am a werewolf now, neat.

Jon, him can carry a lot, not trust him with prybar yet.

Trap wonders why Ghelt not talk to him no more.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

I am scout now. Dru keeps giving me this long sword, me thinks that cursed sword is messing her head up.

Kitty gone, me bored now. Will Trap ever shut up?

Posted by Jim at 13:21 | Korin’s Journal