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February 11, 2003

Moonday Me Thinks, or Maybe Godsday

Korin's Journal

Ah thank Yondalla, I have been saved. My new friends very nice, they even have a Dwarf. Ghelt is her name. Fascinating. All that I have imagined and yet more. We going to get the bad lady that may have my friends. He is funny, they call him Trap, he makes sense, but they don’t. When we find the bad place, they want to talk.

So I go see what is there. Did I mention that I found a pry bar. Me and Trap, he is little like me, look in the huts. All empty.

Oohh, big door. If I didn’t know better, I think Ghelt pointed her bow at me. The elf found the orcs, they are different though. Everyone is yelling about undead. I have never seen dead people before, but they are trying to hurt Ghelt.

Back to the pry bar, it is pretty. Me and Trap are trying to get it in a small window, hehe, Trap hit himself in the head. Hehehe.

Wow, I almost hit the magic user. He would have been pissed.

Well anyway, I go save Ghelt now. Ok, maybe we save each other. Then we go up my rope. It seems when a tall person decides to climb, it is ok, when small people ask to do it, we are crazy.

Ouch. That was close, the elf (wish I could remember her name) has healed me. Hehehe, we make them burn. Oh, they stink when they burn. Ghelt says she will help me fight like a Dwarf better. Down the steps we go. Hmm, where did I leave my pry bar.

Hey more bad people. We got them good. Ghelt is angry, wants me and Trap to sit still for a little “while party regains its wind.” I tell you I got plenty of wind.

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