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February 10, 2003

I Think I Found Some Neat Stuff

Trap's Journal

Well, today was interesting so far. We left the slave camp, and went towards the outpost. We stood on top of a hill discussing what to do next when Korin decided to go off by himself. Being a fellow halfling and all, I went with him. We checked 3 of the 50 some odd huts, and they were empty and unused, so we decided to try the tower. The door wouldn’t open, and there actually was no lock. The nerve of some people. We tried to get a rope up so we could scale the wall, but before we did several orc zombies came after us. After a lot of fighting Fafnir decided to use his potion and climb up with the rope and tie it off. We all got to the top okay, and decided to look around. I’m still not sure why everyone left me in this room, but I think I found some neat stuff.

Posted by Fred at 12:52 | Trap’s Journal