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November 21, 2002

Day One

Trap's Journal

I normally don’t keep a journal, but I decided to do this in case something happens. I know my companions well enough to trust them, and I think we will get out of here alive.

The day started out slowly enough, a nice leisurely walk from town to this ancient mansion. I’m still not entirely sure why we came, it definitely seemed like a good idea at the time. Upon exploring the upper levels, we encountered a couple of large spiders. They weren’t much of a problem. In the basement is where the fun began.

After being attacked, Fafnir was able to put a couple of goblins to sleep. That done, the third was easily dispatched. Note to self here, I think Fafnir believes I’m a thief despite my protests to the contrary. You’d think after disarming his butter churn he’d know better. Anyway, when I saw the fourth one try to sneak out a secret passage, I knew it was my time to work. I let the others kill the goblins that were sleeping while I searched for the device that allowed the door to open. After that, things got kind of interesting.

Down the first flight of stairs, Drusilia (who seems to have a bit of confidence in me), noticed something funny about the one wall. After a while of looking, I was able to open a door and found the one goblin that ran. Ghelt went to fight, I tried to bet on her, but no one was willing to gamble over it. I knew she’d win, and apparently so did everyone else there.

We came across a few unlocked stuck doors, Ghelt helped to open them. All they were was empty rooms. Except one. One had another door. After I opened the door, I noticed some runes on the floor (which I still need to mention to Fafnir, maybe in the morning). Then two strange beings came out of the room and started attacking us. I decided to set a trap of my own. I had Fafnir douse the doorframe in oil, and told everyone to leave. When the creatures were close enough, I set the oil on fire. It didn’t seem to hurt them, so we ran. When we noticed that we weren’t being chased, we went back to look. It turned out that the things were trapped in their room. (Probably grounded.)

Well, we explored a little more, and found five closed cells. Four were not locked or trapped in any way, so I didn’t check the fifth (my mistake). I sprung a gas trap (which is now detailed in my other book). No real damage done, except to my pride. At first we didn’t find anything different about this room, but I was certain, and after a little bit, I found a secret door. We’re going down in the morning, as for now, my watch is over.

I hope to write again soon,

Beu ‘Trap’ Greenbottle

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