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November 9, 2002

Ghelt's Bio

Ghelt's Journal ~PC Bios~

Character images copyright 1999-2002 Claudio Pozas. Used with permission.
Dear Cousin Grun:

Thanks for your letter last month; it’s always good to hear about events happening in the homelands. Glad to hear the clan broke through to a new vein of iron ore, and congratulations on your own discovery of a new (so what if it’s small?) diamond mine!

From your description of the event, it sounds like you put our battle training to good use when goblins tried to overrun Midrock. I wish I’d been there to help protect the village, too! (Even if they were “just goblins.”) I do enjoy living and working with Father, but to think our family’s home was threatened makes me angry even now. Father walked about pulling his beard, he was so upset —­ and then burst out laughing that the goblins would even try. Remember the orc hunt, to prove we’d learned to use our waraxes properly?

It has been a long while since we’ve visited Midrock. The shop has been busy, but mostly with travellers needing repairs, not often new armor or weapons. On the other hand, I’m sure Father will want to make a trip to see the quality of the new ore! Travelling with him is always interesting; I don’t think any of the adventurers coming through this village have better stories to tell. He’s slowly getting used to the idea that I want to do some adventuring, myself —­ as if hearing his history would satisfy my own desire to do battle with the evil creatures of this world. I think he was hoping I’d follow the call to serve Moradin alone, and work with weapons and armor without wanting to use them myself, but even he has to admit that a warrior-priest is much more respected, than a priest alone. Aren’t fathers funny? Ours teach us all the ways of the dwarven warrior creed­ — and then worry when we follow it!

As for myself, I don’t think I’d make a good priestess unless I do some travelling, some battle, gain a stronger understanding of who I am and what I stand for. Hope that makes sense. And I still think I have an easier task before me than you —­ but only you would be surprised at receiving no less than three marriage proposals in a month! You’re young, beautiful, talented, and your family line goes back to the founding of the clan. Just make sure you’re happy, along with Uncle — after all, he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life with the lucky dwarf! (P.S. ­— Mother sends her love, and reminds you that you don’t have to pick any of the suitors if you’re not ready!).

Brother has helping a lot more at the forge, lately­ he shows a real talent for the work. So, I don’t feel like I’m leaving Father in the lurch, to look about me, do some travelling, perhaps even an adventure or two! I may not be as regular a correspondent; I hope you understand.

I’m leaving this afternoon to check out the old “haunted” house outside of town, for that matter. A very mixed group of us decided to see what’s really out there since the former inhabitants disappeared some time ago.

Personally, I doubt there’s much to be found but swamp gas and creaky floorboards, but I’d feel terrible if they got into trouble and I could have helped. There’s an elf healer who’s done me a good turn now and then, and a gnome “inventor” —­ you can just see the cloud of disaster following him!
Both are enthusiastic about going adventuring — perhaps too enthusiastic!
Also, a halfling with some skills that I wouldn’t call entirely honest, but he does mean well (his nickname is Trap —­ at least he’s more inclined to make them, or only disarm them when asked, but still...!).

All right, I’ll end this note. Send my love to everyone, and may Moradin guide your path.

Ghelt Futhark

Character sheet: Ghelt Futhark [Dwarven Fighter]

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