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Finally RedCastle

Aramil’s Journal

We finally get to go to RedCastle, but not before we are almost assassinated. We got to the temple in town after running a while, Pockets was injured when he got there and was fairly upset with Drusilia but we didn’t have time to go into why. Once Fafnir cast his teleport spell it was all down hill. In RedCastle we found a fairly concealed part of the ruins for a tiny hut to be cast and we spent the night in that. The next day we went in search of the flask. Pockets and Fafnir were attacked by spiders that kept fading in and out of existence. The rest of us heard and ran to the tower they were in to help. It was an interesting battle, but it was what happened after that left me in rolling with laughter. Apparently Dru was trying to convince Pockets that he didn’t have to fear with a cleric around. When they decided to look upstairs I decided to join them and watch the fun. Pockets was intentionally not being careful and when the stairs to the 3rd floor gave Dru tried to catch him, she missed, and the second floor gave. They both fell through, luckily I was on the stairs at the time. When they hit I asked if they were all right. Pockets said something smart and I just started laughing. I laughed so hard my side hurt. This is going to be interesting.

Posted by Fred on November 18, 2003, 02:10 | Aramil’s Journal