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Fafnir’s Journal Entry 41 - RedCastle

Fafnir’s Journal

Well, we made it to Redcastle. I hope the party doesn’t realize what a risky trip it was. I would have explained to them that it was only a 50/50 shot of getting here safely, but I feared it would have resulted in us spending yet another couple days in Greyhawk arguing.... Which is something we could not afford. Even as we were preparing to leave, we were attacked by an assassin. Luckily Pockets was able to warn us in time.

In any case, we are here now. After arriving in the middle of the night, we chose to rest until morning. When morning came, Pockets and I began to explore. We found an empty tower, with no sign of a way “beneath Redcastle.”

The next tower we opened also did not have a way underground. What it did have was a nest of Phase Spiders. Yikes! And I thought that those phase chickens were troublesome! Luckily we were able to anticipate their actions and soon had dispatched them.

Once the spiders were cleared from the tower, Pockets and Drusilia decided to explore it. (I should say that Pockets tried to explore it, while Drusilia followed... much to his dismay.)

Soon both of them came crashing down through several floors. Apparently, not all elves are graceful (though I am not sure which of them was the “ungraceful” one, as they both kept pointing at the other).

Having had enough of that particular dead-end, I began to explore the ruins that had once been the castle. In one corner, I found a set of stairs leading into what appeared to be the castle’s basement or dungeon. There are many footprints leading in and out. I called the party over, and we are preparing to explore it further, after a brief rest.

~=Fafnir Flamebrewer=~

P.S. Drusilia was also going to make another attempt to contact her deity once we arrived here. When I reminded her of this, she said that “it could wait” until we are done exploring the dungeon. I don’t think I will ever understand clerics.

Posted by Dave on November 14, 2003, 08:43 | Fafnir’s Journal