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Ah, Ale!

Ghelt’s Journal

Dearest Grun,

I’ll have a chance to post these letters to you, now! We’re all safe and sound, and we’ve ended up in Greyhawk - yes, the city itself. How amazing is that?

We spent time at the Temple of the Void resting and recouperating while Drusilia watched the suns and stars of the different rooms. She did have a purpose - ensuring we’d be leaving to not only our own plane of existence, but our own time! Although everything correlated, we were a little paranoid by then. We left by the windows of the Guardian of the Present’s room.

First, of course, we had a long discussion about where to go once we got there! The final decision was to go to Greyhawk; we needed to buy new equipment, and we need to learn more about the Void (the biggest library is there). Yes, I know we should have done that first! “Pockets”, meanwhile, was trying to incite a golem so we sat upon him.

I was more than a little horrified at first when Fafnir said he could get us to Greyhawk in one teleport - if a few of us would get into a bag of holding so he could handle the weight! This sounded suicidal, but Drusilia was willing! We climbed out into the snowy wastes, still discussing who else would climb into a bag. I decided I would, since I have good stamina, but I didn’t fit. It would have to be an elf. Or a half-elf? “Pockets” gave me a wink and a look at Aramil, who had disrobed in the vain hope that putting everything, even clothes, into his handy haversack would bring us below the weight limit. We both tried to surprise him and knock him out, but instead we were treated to the sight of a naked swearing half-human running across the frozen wastes. While “Pockets” and I lay on the ground laughing, Valon offered to be elf in a sack #2. After we talked Aramil into coming back, we finally set off.

We appeared in the center of a town square, unharmed, and (to Valon’s relief) on the ground. We pulled out our companions (and guessed it was Greyhawk, the city that sees everything, because no one even looked twice), and watched Aramil and “Pockets” dancing in the street, cheering about their return to civilization. Valon seemed the wisest choice to sell our various loot, now that he’s his bardic self again, so we split up for a while. “Pockets”, Aramil and I went to a bar they swore by (with me wondering what the patrons would think of the three of us coming in. It sounded like the start of a bad joke!), and the others headed off to sell things and find the Library.

The bar wasn’t half bad. The ale was good enough that on the second round, I decided to tell them my own theory of why they won’t talk about their histories. I told them that they must be brothers - half-brothers, obviously, and the shame of how there came to be a half-human in the family makes it too hard to talk about! Whether I’m right or wrong, Grun, it was funny to see their reactions. Aramil was silent, “Pockets” spit up his ale and accused me of being insane, then tried to insult me for a while. Of course, I laughed it off, as he was obviously just trying to distract me. I told him it just proved my theory, since they weren’t explaining their “real” past to show me wrong! Then I bought another round.

It wasn’t too cruel, I hope, Grun? It was just too much fun at the time, and we were all blowing off steam after the last few pressure-filled days. First they tried to argue with me, then they got in a fight with each other! I sat down between them so we didn’t get kicked out before we were done eating, and of course that meant “Pockets” thought I made a good target. I finally choked him and sat him down, so Aramil defended him, and I ended up dragging “Pockets” out the front door while Aramil scooped up our mugs and followed. We didn’t make it before the fight spread, of course, so I ended up with an unconscious elf over one shoulder while we walked the streets looking for the Library. That, Grun, finally got some stares. Hah!

We finally got settled in town, and the others shared out our earnings. I was able to buy a very nice new chain shirt - with Drusilia’s encouragement, the armorer gave us a discount - it’s both mithril, and a little magical! Drusilia and I tithed to our gods, Fafnir’s researching, and “Pockets” and Aramil are visiting their respective guilds. This involves “Pockets” leaving the bulk of his money with me every day, but I’m not going to ask. I’ve even found some new dog toys, and I’m training Watch a little every day. She’s a good dog!

The only sad note right now is that Valon has disappeared. I know it’s a bard thing, yet I hope he’s all right. As far as we can tell he packed up and left by his own choice and we’ll have to respect that. This last adventure was pretty hard on him!

With love and hope,

Posted by Kate on October 9, 2003, 12:54 | Ghelt’s Journal