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What Did We Do?

Aramil’s Journal

After finding a silver key in the rubble, we looked in all the rooms one after another. What it came down to was a human monk and a construct in each saying they are the guardian of either the past, present or future. One per room. On asking one told us we were the guardians of choice and to choose wisely. We were also told in order to enter the void we needed to defeat them either one on one or as a group us vs. that particular monk and the golem. We went one on one each time and eventually defeated all three. All told we got a copper key from one, a platinum key from another and an electrum key from the third. Personally I think we were missing a key, but no one else seemed to mind. We placed the other keys in the other key hole in no particular order, and the center of the circular room opened up letting out this thing that made stuff vanish from existence upon touching it. That was when Valon said the Heart is his and he ran into one of the rooms. Most of us went after him and while Pockets and Ghelt held him still I got the Heart out and threw it at the thing. That’s when I lost consciousness. When I came around, the thing had gotten out into the world and both the Heart and the Rod of Undeath were gone from existence. I’m not sure if we did the right thing or not. But we did the best we could, hey, a pint glass can’t hold a quart now can it? If it’s holding a pint it’s doing the best it can, right?

Posted by Fred on October 4, 2003, 16:28 | Aramil’s Journal