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Into the Void

Ghelt’s Journal

Dearest Grun,

Well, we’ve succeeded in reaching the Temple of the Void.. now I wonder what will happen next!

After finishing off the first beholder, we followed the tunnel right to its end. The passage did have an offshoot - straight up! Luckily, there were rough scratches on the sides, which were enough for “Pockets” to climb up by. He took our ropes, tied them together, and dropped them down for us to climb. Aramil gave the end a tug or two, and I decided to trust it - climbing up without trouble, thank Moradin.

The rope was tied off to a piton, and no sign of “Pockets”. There was a turn in the new passage, so I listened and waited while the others climbed up. We walked around the corner together and found “Pockets” - yet again, he was unconscious on the floor in a roomful of trouble! Two mind flayers and an umber hulk flanked the black beholder we’d come to destroy. We had no choice but to attack directly and hope for the best.

Luckily, Drusilia and Fafnir figured out where the anti-magic eye of the beholder did not work, and they were able to magically attack the room along with our physical attacks. Fafnir killed the beholder! I took down the umberhulk - but the mind flayers were left. Suddenly, Drusilia and I were the only ones still standing! I was able to kill one, much to my surprise, and the last fled before Drusilia’s holy wrath.

We healed the party. Thank heavens, everyone got their minds back.. as far as we can tell. Fafnir insisted that the hole the beholder was hovering over was worth checking out, so Aramil and I stood guard at the top while the others climbed in. They returned with lots of treasure and magical items. They even gave me a ring of swimming, which I thought was funny, and thoughtful! I may not like water, but at least I have less to worry about when we’re on it.

The salamanders hailed us as heroes, and gave us a place to stay until the Gate opened. We settled in to rest and recuperate for ten days. Aramil got his spellbook back into some kind of shape, which pleased him, and I spent the time working with Watch. We tried to learn more about the salamanders’ temple and beliefs, but I think ended up more confused than anything.

Watch, by the way, doesn’t respond to the spell to speak with animals. Odd, but the important thing is that she seems to be following directions a little better. I hope it helps!

Finally, the big day arrived. Unfortunately, trouble developed fast - warning drums began to pound, and the duergar began to attack! I think we saw this Durll character directing the troops. We hated to do it, but knowing we had to get the Heart out of the realms, we headed into the temple. As the arch began to burst into flame, the lich lord appeared - at the top of the steps, “defending” us from the attacking duergar! I was halfway to sinking my urgrosh into its back before Aramil grabbed me, and Drusilia shouted that there was no point in killing its body when we still didn’t have its phylactery. Reluctantly, I followed the others into the Gate.

It was a shock of a journey! Plane-travelling made everyone pass out except Aramil, Watch, and me. I’m not sure what to make of that.. but once everyone woke up, we looked around. We were in a great hall, with windows looking out over a desert. There were bronze doors at the end, and no one else around.

The doors opened on a round room, with alcoves, more doors, and statues that came to life and attacked us! We shouted that we were there in peace, but they speared Aramil, so we destroyed them all.

Now we’re going to try entering the room again. I hope we get some ideas about what to do, soon!

Walk with Moradin,

Posted by Kate on September 26, 2003, 20:22 | Ghelt’s Journal