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Hailed as Heroes

Aramil’s Journal

After we killed that one beholder, we traveled down the passage for a while, till we came to a shaft going up only. Pockets climbed and secured a rope at the top and after I checked it we started going up one by one. At the top was another passage. We followed it around a bend and came face to face with a black beholder, 2 illithids and an umber hulk. We all did the best we could and almost won when I felt my mind being ripped from me. When I came to we were all there and safe. Fafnir took all the eye stalks off the beholder and everyone except Ghelt and I went down another shaft in the room. They found all kinds of treasure, and brought it up. We went back to the city of the salamanders and they hailed us as heroes.

We waited on the outside of town where I finished fixing my spell book. The day the portal opened the city was attacked. We couldn’t stay, I know this, but part of me feels like we should have.

Anyway, the next thing I knew we were in a hall. Ghelt and I were the only ones awake. We looked around, and out the one window there was desert as far as I could see. At one end of the hall was a blank wall. At the other was a bronze door. Once everyone woke up we opened the door, and as soon as I walked into the room four statues came to life. I knew they were going to attack us, but someone said they might not. So I waited after one attacked me unprovoked, I let loose a lighting bolt at them. We all fought, and the statues went down, my only question is: now what do we do, and how?

Posted by Fred on September 16, 2003, 22:48 | Aramil’s Journal