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Moonday, 17 Flocktime (continued)

Valon’s Journal

We returned to town, and I bought myself some clothing as quickly as possible. After I was clothed again, I took the Rod of Absorbtion that I had collected and traveled to the carnival to trade it in for some (hopefully better) armor. I found some magical mithrial armor and a magical mithrial shield, which I traded the rod for. I know the armor and shield will make it a little more difficult to cast spells, but the protection is well worth the sacrifice.

We then returned to the Everston Estate, after we realized that Jacob was still looking in the direction that Aramil had been taken. Drusilia, Ghelt and Fafnir realized that there was another tunnel that we had neglected to check. We traveled back to the estate, and down into the catacombs, this time to a deadend. Drusilia explained to us that the temple had been under attack, and that the tunnel had been collapsed so that the Duergar attackers could not easily attack.

Ghelt went to work trying to clear a crawlspace through the tunnel, and Drusilia began to check out a door blocked by a seal of Pelor. She touched her holy symbol to it, and there was a bright flash of light. When my eyes cleared, poor Drusilia’s holy symbol looked as if it had been left in a fire for a few days! Fafnir realized that the door was guarded by a disintigrate spell, and anyone who touched it would be fried!

A long string of Dwarven curses got my attention, and we realized ghelt had broken through. Not to another side, but through the floor! We quickly caught up with her and found ourselves in a chamber filled with webs and cocoons. We were attacked by several large spiders, and easily dispatched them. Drusilia cast a Daylight spell and a skulking white creature on the other side of the room yelp in fear and scurried away from us as quickly as possible. We gave chase, leaving Pockets to cut the victims in the cocoons free.

After a few seconds, we heard Pockets yell for help, I thought that we must have missed a few spiders. Fafnir and Ghelt rushed back to help, and Drusilia and I heard them yelling for help. We realized the there was a BAD THING attacking them and hurried back.

Fafnir and Ghelt were trapped in a Web and Drusilia tried walking through it and got stuck. I began hacking at it as best I could, and I made good progress, and managed to free Drusilia, before my sword got caught in a web. I lost my balance trying to pull the sword free and got stuck myself. Drusilia moved forward, and her light spell lit up the chamber that had been enveloped by an inky black Darkness.

To my horror we were facing a Drider, and outcast from the Drow Society, cursed to have the torso head and arms of a dark elf and the abdomen and legs of a spider. It disappeared soon after Drusilia lit up the room appering to attack, then dissappearing again. Fortunately, Drusilia managed to kill it with a well placed Flame Strike.

We searched its body and found a letter instructing Kalanaar (the Drider) to steal the heart and to contact the agents of Durll, who apparently is an old nemesis of our party(?).

We then started of through the tunnels, after the white creature...

Posted by Tim on August 10, 2003, 14:32 | Valon’s Journal