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The Rescue of Aramil

Pockets’ Journal

After returning to town empty handed the first time, I had and idea. I thought that if I could get Jacob near the old witch, he would let me know somehow that she was responsible. But to my surprise, I learned by watching him that we could follow his response to the outside town. I quickly gathered my companions and we headed off to find our friend.

We followed Jacob’s clues to the catacombs, an area we did not look for Aramil before. We came to a dead end where a tunnel was collapsed. Ghelt quickly set to work on getting through, with an emphasis on the rest of us staying out of the way.

Several of us went to a room with a symbol of Pelor on the door. I suggested that Drusilia put her symbol on it to see if it opened it........... I owe her a new holy symbol, as hers was damaged greatly. I tried throwing acid on the seal to test its weakness, without any luck. We returned to the dig-site with our depressed cleric in hand.

The noises from the stone were getting a bit creaky, so I suggested that Ghelt let me tie a rope to her to help us get her out if the ceiling begins to fall. She said she would the next time she came out of the crawl space. Then we heard a scream, and I dove into the tunnel after my friend, only to find the hole she fell through. After getting the rest of the party down, we again took our direction from Jacob.

We found a room filled with spider webs and cocoons. Then we were set upon by giant spiders, a battle in which we quickly dispatched the foe. In hindsight we had done it too quick. Well I offered to open the cocoons and try to free our friend while the party was going to chase the thing with white arms that ran from the battle.

Using Jacob, I quickly found the cocoon of Aramil and set to freeing him with the Sword of Pelor. That way I could cut him free easier and maybe give him some healing at the same time.

That is when the foul creature attacked. A drider dropped down behind me and attacked. I soon found myself lying on the floor just trying to avoid his multiple attacks. I heard my companions coming to my aid and took the chance to drink a vial of magic that turned me into a mist that the drider couldn’t hit.

Next the drider cast darkness, and I just tried to get away. Then I saw a flash of light and everything went black. Deep down, I think this was the work of Fafnir, the drider didn’t show any spell that could compare to it.

When I awoke, Aramil was safe and the drider was dead. Fafnir said he didn’t cast lightning, but I wonder. We searched the room and found a little loot, and a clue to follow, about the dark dwarf.

Posted by Jim on August 6, 2003, 20:06 | Pockets’ Journal