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Freeday, 14 Flocktime

Valon’s Journal

We continued following our map to the Vampire’s lair. we found it without much trouble, unless you count the traps that Arimil set off onto the party. we came to a passage with three doors to choos from, one to the left, one to the right and one straight ahead.

The center door seemed the obvious place to assault and we opened the door and charged through. Unfortunately, our opponents had prepared for us and we charged into an ambush!

Many Wraiths dropped onto Arimil and I from the ceiling, touching us and draining away our health. Attackers came from behind us, cutting off any kind of retreat. Things became even more grim when the Vampire appeared, exclusicvely attacking Drusilia. Through Fafnir’s Magic Missles, Drusilia’s Searing Light some teamwork, and a huge amount of luck, we managed to drive them damned Vampire away.

We immediatly began searching the throne room for the vampire’s coffin. We tried an iron door, thinking the heavy door would be used to protect a vampire’s coffin, but as Pockets found out, it was not the case. Iron bars slammed down from the doorway, trapping Pockets in the small room, and an earth elemental appeared. We managed to use ranged weapons and spells, and some poking through the bars, but we managed to kill the elemental and set Pockets free.

We tried the other (wooden) door in the room, and stepped though to find a huge coffin with a vampire inside. We took off his armor and staked him, and Drusilia destroyed his body. We split amongst the party as many of his possessions as we could, despite Ghelt’s protests.

We also checked the rest of the small area we were in, killing several resting Vampire Spawn and finding an old tome for Fafnir to inspect.

As weak as the party was we decided to head to see the “Damned Angel” as Ghelt called it. When we arrived in the center tower, however. the angel was gone. Ghelt was overjoyed at this. We decided to rest here for a short bit and continue on while it is still light.

I hope we can find a way to restore our health soon, as the party is almost all looking terrible...

Posted by Tim on July 13, 2003, 15:58 | Valon’s Journal