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Vampire Spawn’s Spellbook

Adventures, DM’s Notes & Maps

Level 0
(Abjuration) Resistance
(Conjuration) Ray of Frost
(Divination) Detect Poison
(Enchantment) Daze
(Evocation) Dancing Lights
(Evocation) Light
(Evocation) Flare
(Illusion) Ghost Sound
(Necromancy) Disrupt Undead
(Transmutation) Open/Close
(Transmutation) Repair Minor Damage (T&B)
(Transmutation) Mage Hand
(Transmutation) Mending
(Universal) Arcane Mark
(Universal) Prestidigitation
(Universal) Detect Magic
(Universal) Read Magic

Level 1
(Divination) True Strike
(Divination) Detect Secret Doors
(Abjuration) Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
(Conjuration) Grease
(Abjuration) Shield
(Necromancy) Ray of Enfeeblement
(Illusion) Nystul’s Magic Aura
(Illusion) Change Self
(Transmutation) Enlarge

Level 2
(Transmutation) Knock
(Divination) See Invisibility
(Conjuration) Summon Monster II
(Divination) Locate Object

Level 3
(Evocation) Fireball
(Evocation) Ice Burst (T&B)
(Conjuration) Corpse Candle (T&B)
(Abjuration) Nondetection

75-page tome found in the catacombs below Arun-tosa.

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