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Rest Finally

Aramil’s Journal

Well instead of staying at the inn and fighting all night we went back to the house with the sun symbol on it. Valon, the Bard, used a feather fall spell to get us all down. Drusilia noticed another sun symbol on the ground in the eastern part of the corridor, and so we went that way. After a while the feeling of being watched went away, and I began to feel better. We went to a room, and there was a ghoul jumping around. Lo and behold, it was Urkel. After some debate I went to sleep, Pockets watched for me, then I got up and studied my spells, when I was done I noticed Urkel was giving Drusilia some things. A greater holy symbol and a very powerful mace. It was in that moment that I realized Urkel had at one time been a paladin of Pelor. It’s amazing what true faith can do.

Drusilia then fulfilled his last request on earth, to end his misery. She’s upset now, but she’ll be fine. Valon was given a map, and we went above ground to the tower I’d torched. I wanted to enjoy my handiwork, but when I entered there was no harm done at all, I even walked up to the very top. Then I got hit by a door. This was strange till it all disappeared. Ghelt told me that Fafner liked to play illusions on the party and at one point even played a mean joke on Drusilia. She also told me he had a thing for a mule they had for a little while, but I don’t even want to understand that.

Anyway, Pockets was asked to check this trapdoor to see if it was locked, and it wasn’t so when Valon opened it he was nearly turned into stone. He was able to shake that off, and started down the ladder which collapsed out from under him. Feather fall came in very handy at that point. After some work, Ghelt attached a rope to a crowbar and holding on to it I began to climb down. There was some give at first, but no one said anything to me so I continued down.

Valon and I were soon attacked be Vampire spawn. Then the party came down right on top of me. With their help we took care of them, and after walking a little were attacked by dire rats and some wraith things. We were able to fight them off, but I’m weaker, and we still need to fight this vampire. May the gods help us.

Posted by Fred on June 26, 2003, 11:44 | Aramil’s Journal