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Long Day

Aramil’s Journal

I’m all out of spells and we needed to go to a safe place. The angel told us to find this Urkel guy. So we went down to the bottom of the tower and someone found a trap door. Since Urkel was supposed to be underground, we decided to travel underground. Bad Idea. We traveled for awhile then were ambushed. Twice. We survived, and decided to go back and travel above ground. Ha, we had to fight our way back. We did eventually make it back to the tower, and went up to see the angel again. That’s when it started, the feeling that I’m being watched. I’m positive of it. I convinced Pockets and one of the other members to leave also. The feeling left after I was outside, so we waited for the others. Once we were all together, we started traveling north. It was easier going. We did stop to investigate some buildings, and found some useful magic Items. I’ll use one of my identify scrolls on it as soon as I can, but for now, we travel. We ended up going to the edge of town, and so we started back looking for an entrance down. It started to rain then. We went to an inn and Drusilia turned some undead. Now we either fight all night, or travel in the poring rain, and we’re still being watched. This is starting to affect my sanity.

Posted by Fred on June 21, 2003, 22:01 | Aramil’s Journal