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Aramil’s Journal

Well, we started up the stairs, and found a door. Pockets did his thing and in we went. There were 2 creatures of sorts in there, someone called them constructs, and they seemed to be immune to magic period. So I ran up with the others and fought. After they died Pockets decided to tell me I’m a wizard not a fighter. It’s an old argument between us. I tried to tell him the 2 can mix, but he doesn’t agree. Anyway, there was another set of stairs going up and up we went. Same routine at the next door, and in we went. Ghelt went first and was shot at, I went and tried to cast a Fire sphere at one, but my armor made it difficult to move properly. If I move that one piece over to the side a little....

Well, anyway the others came in and the 3 things at the top vanished from sight, so we went up more stairs. There was a small balcony with a ladder leading to a trap door. The only burnable thing in this stone building are the doors, and no one would let me burn them. Well, after much debate, and talking, Pockets got the door unlocked and Ghelt went up, then came down and 2 creatures came after her. We dispatched them easily enough, and then more talk and more ideas and more debating. This was getting old quick. Ghelt went up again and then disappeared from view. Drusilia went up next and was hit by Ghelt. Not again, another fight between companions. More talk, more debates I can’t take it anymore. I tell them I’m going to distract the things up there and up I go. Then everything goes black.

I feel at piece, comfortable, my only thought is where’s Jacob?

Suddenly, I’m called. I wake up weak, hurt and notice Jacob is dead. Then this angelic looking guy heals Jacob, and heals me. He mentions something about destroying the Heart. Pockets and I need to talk about our employer.

Posted by Fred on June 10, 2003, 13:17 | Aramil’s Journal