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Waterday & Earthday, 12 - 13 Flocktime

Valon’s Journal

Well, we managed to avoid the lich after Korin’s apparent sacrifice. Drusilia healed up the rest of the party using a relic they found after I left. It is a blessed sword made by the followers of Pelor for paladins to use against the undead. Because it channels positive energy, it can heal someone living. It does look very odd, though, stabbing a companion and making them feel better....

Our group traveled away from the lich’s tower and to the last tower in the outskirts of town. This tower was 40 feet tall and all its windows had been bricked shut. Someone apparently didn’t like sunlight. We argued with Fafnir about going in and against his advice we opened the door. There were 3 coffins inside. I think I know why the windows were bricked now.

We entered the building and dragged the coffins out and opened them. Oddly enough, they were empty. Ghelt and Drusilia headed upstairs, while Fafnir and I opted to stay downstairs. Soon we heard the sounds of an arguement upstairs. Fafnir and I headed up and found two adverturers shackled to the wall. We freed them with a little work and they insisted on searching the tower for their equipment. We found it all on the top floor.

As we were getting ready to come back down, two creatures came up from below. They attacked me and the half-human, and I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt much weaker. Drusilia managed to kill both of them, and we made our way out of the tower and out of town.

For some reason the tower burnt down as we left, and we realized that that half human set it on fire. I swear, the only smart wizard I have met in my travels is Fafnir....

We traveled into the cliffs above the city to rest for the rest of the day and through the night, but the residents of the area felt the need to make a visit during the night. Shadow forms attacked us, and I don’t know how everyone else was feeling, but I felt less healthy after they touched me.

We managed to rest a bit more, and we headed back into the city, this time to the tower in the center of the city. We entered the tower without much trouble, and found the floor not only covered in bones, but a couple feet deep. Inside there were skeletal snakes that that popped up from the bones and attacked us. For some reason, Drusilia couldn’t turn them so we had to kill them by force of arms.

After we had dealt with the skeletal snakes, we headed across the room, and up the stairs on the other side...

Posted by Tim on June 8, 2003, 12:28 | Valon’s Journal