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Tangled Webs

Pockets’ Journal

Dear Journal,

What the %*#&@ is wrong with me? How do I get myself into these situations time and time again? First of all, I finally found a companion to travel and adventure with (that isn’t out to kill or rob me) and set out on an honest quest to find a lost object that belonged to a family. Now that would be great in normally, but I am not sure that Aramil and I belong in this pack of cut-throats. And I have heard bad stories about this Spine Castle area. Although Lord Voldimort seemed very sincere, and is paying us quite well.

Lord Voldimort has provided us with a portal to about 2 miles from the city. His directions have been above par, and his descriptions, it is almost as if he has been here before.


It seems that some of our companions are arguing over who is in command. The situation calms, but this is a bad sign. Just outside the city, Dorvan (the leader for now) tells us to camp for the night. I feel like there is a thousand eyes on me. Argus, (one of the would-be leaders) gets permission from Dorvan to lead a patrol to the city’s edge. This seemed wise to me. Within minutes of them being out of sight, we heard the first screams. We all got to the patrol just in time to save them from some creatures. Argus was in the hands of some dark form, yet not seeming to be harmed. Dorvan claimed a sword that was taken from the creatures, and he seems different now.

I try to talk to the others about my fears, and get smacked in the head for my efforts. Seems that stupid fighters never see things, and if they don’t see it, they don’t believe it.

The next morning we headed into the town. And I thought things were bad before. First we went to an old chapel of some type. In the basement we found a door that seemed protected by some magic. I noticed that the door requires some kind of key, Argus disagrees.

Dorvan said we should go to the next building, a tall tower in the other corner of town. And that’s when bad left town and real bad came in. Argus stood up to Dorvan and said we should go another direction. Before I knew it, the entire party was arguing over a hundred subjects. I tried to tell them that something was wrong, as if a spell was on us, that’s when they turned on me. All except Aramil, my friend stood in front of me and tried to protect me. Two seconds later he was laying on the ground unconscious. Not an unfamiliar position for him, but he is my friend and tried to protect me.

At this point there was only one thing to do, I started arguing that Argus was trying to take over Dorvan’s party. It worked, the group split up to two sides and began fighting while I dragged Aramil off. Argus and his four quickly cut down the odds, it was just Dorvan left. But something about his sword must have helped him, he fought like a madman, yet all his blows struck their mark. Next thing I knew, Dorvan was standing over Argus about to put the final thrust into him when they came. I will not pretend to know what they are, but they scared the hell out of me.

In a matter of seconds, Dorvan was split into twenty pieces and Argus was being helped up by these creatures. Argus smiled at me and pointed. Some time later I awoke tied to a wall next to Aramil. Our belongings were gone and there was no sign of anyone. There is no telling how long we were there, I began wondering if we were being saved for something’s snack. I believe it was at least three days later when we finally heard some sounds below us. We talked it over and decided it was worth the risk of bringing the creatures upon us to try to signal for help. If not we would most likely be dead in another day or two anyway.

Olidammara must be shining his smile upon me, it is another group of explorers. I am glad to see them, but not ready to trust them completely. As the group searches the tower we are in, they seem to more concerned in questioning us than searching the tower. Yet they seem to lie to me at my questions. Me and Aramil talk about this and decide to be as honest as they are. Then they came, the creatures from before came into the room. The new party seems to be able to hold their own versus these things. Aramil and one of the others seem to be harmed. I can’t explain what happened to them, just that Aramil seems weaker.

I ask our new friends if we can travel with them for a bit and they agreed. Funny this group seems to have no leader, and be happy about it. Then the old fire bug up Aramil’s ass starts buggin’ him again. I tried to talk him out of it, but he has to torch the tower. If I had a copper for every time he burned something down I would be rich.

Our group heads to some caves for protection, there is another skirmish with the things. This is just not my best day. After resting for a bit the party is going to try the large tower in the center of town. I think they are mad, but hey I think that about most people. We get to the tower, the door is neither locked or trapped. Now to my experience, that means there is nothing good inside.

In we go, there is some sort of bone creature. We go in as a party, sort of. Well true to Aramil’s form, he runs into combat. I guess it is time to talk to him about the magic versus fighting thing again. Don’t get me wrong, when damage is coming I want him in front of me, but I don’t want him dead. We clear out the floor of these creatures and begin up the steps.

Posted by Jim on June 7, 2003, 14:02 | Pockets’ Journal