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An Easy Job

Aramil’s Journal

“An easy job.” he said. “No problem.” he said. “We just go in get the stuff and boom, easy money.” Yeah right.

I should have known from the start there would be problems when what’s-his-name asked if we could be trusted. They decided they would take the item and either use it or sell it to the highest bidder. I know Lord Vortamos (not to sure of spelling here) would throw a fit, and we didn’t want to upset him. Besides we made a deal. I always try to uphold my end. So when Pockets and I told them we planned on finishing the job and getting paid, the other eight decided to get rid of us. Then out of nowhere they accused Pockets of spying on us and went after him. I tried to help Pockets (we made a deal to lookout for each other), but was knocked unconscious. The next thing I know is we’re both tied to the wall. I’ve no idea how long we were there. Then we heard noises. Pockets said they would kill us, better a quick death then starve or worse. Well, it was strangers and they freed us. After searching the tower we were in, this gnome found our stuff. Pockets’ and mine that is. We got ready and I started to study my spells when we were attacked. It was a good fight, and we did escape with our lives, and I got the pleasure of torching the tower to boot.

Well, anyway, we went out of this dead city halfway to where they said a cave was. I got to finish studying my spells for the day, and had something to eat. Pockets and I talked for awhile. I think these people can be trusted, but he’s not so sure, so I won’t tell them anything. During the night, Jacob seemed on edge, and I knew there was trouble near, so I called for a light. I got yelled at and Pockets put away the torch. We then started to move, and were attacked by shadowy things. It took awhile, but we defeated them and made it to this cave. I needed sleep and, as usual, gave Pockets my spellbook to hold till morning. It seems to end up there anyway, and I think it’s safe. Besides he knows to burn it if I die, and I’m sure he’ll take good care of Jacob if anything happens to me. Pockets is a good person, just misunderstood. He’s not like most elves I know, and that’s actually one of the reasons I trust him.

Anyway, the next day they decided to go right to the center of this dead city and see what’s in this tower. So we got there, Pockets got us in as usual, and we eventually killed all these skeletal things. Now to go up....

One more thing, we’re going to quadruple our cost for this mission, and I’m kind of wondering what happened to the other eight that made it to this city.

Posted by Fred on June 5, 2003, 01:51 | Aramil’s Journal