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We Are in Trouble

Jonathan’s Journal

Well, we headed down the corridor for awhile, and when I noticed holes in the floor the first thing I thought about was, “it’s a trap.” Ghelt said it was only for a track, so I figured it was okay. Then we encountered a rust monster. Great. I hit it with a javelin of lighting, and my companions helped me to scare it off. We continued on.

After a little while, two of these monsters came at us from behind, and one ate Korin’s armor. We killed one, and left the other preoccupied. One more came at us from the front, but we dispatched it quickly.

We walked faster, and came to a large cavern. Here were a bunch of freshly slain rust monsters. The rails that were originally on the track started again in the middle of this room, and the thing refused to follow us into here. There were 5 other paths not counting the one we left, so we went straight ahead. We traveled for awhile, and came to a rift in the floor. Korin tried to go in, but I stopped him. He then went for my axe; this guy is obsessed by it. I took it back from him, and backed up as something came out of the crevice. I couldn’t leave the little guy to do it himself, so I went back up, and helped him fight. We killed them all, and Korin climbed over himself. Fafnir cast spider climb on me, and I carried everyone else over. After awhile of walking, we heard slapping behind us, and we turned to see a large mouth with several feet attached, it seemed to roll at us. Fafnir cast lightning bolt at it, and fried them all, then the lightning followed the rail back at us, just not a strong. it did no damage to me anyway.

Eventually, we came to a set of stone doors that were broken out. Who or what ever did that didn’t even take the time to remove the lock. We then entered a large cave and I SAW DAYLIGHT. There was a cave opening, and it overlooked Arun-tosa.

We slept there for the night, and in the morning went to the city. Korin ran on ahead and was lost from view. We decided to go to the temple, and at that point Korin yelled about seeing dead people again, and we ignored him. Then he came yelling at us, and I thought that he was going to attack me till he doubled over and puked. I then saw three figures coming after him, so I went to protect him. I felled the first in one blow, but the others were more difficult. My companions helped, and we dealt with them.

Korin was apparently paralyzed, so Drusilia tried to heal him and he crumpled in front of us. I was horrified not knowing what to do. Fafnir talked Ghelt into healing him, and Korin came back to life. Then Ghelt backhanded Fafnir. She told me it was an illusion, and Fafnir said something about a joke while laughing, so I slapped him too. He then sent a lightning bolt at us, and ran away laughing about it also being an illusion. I want to kill him, but that would be bad since it was only a joke. A very bad one at that. Something like that could really destroy what little bonds we do have, and I think we will be in a lot to trouble if we don’t start to work together.

Posted by Fred on April 27, 2003, 21:11 | Jonathan’s Journal