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Closer to the Evil

Korin’s Journal

We have now traveled back up to the fortress. Once inside we decided to search the second floor for any arms left in the armory. Unfortunately the armory was found to be empty.

We did find a few more of the shadows in a dining hall; they shall never bother anyone again. The problem is that the clumsiness and unorganized fighting skills of the party is starting to cause us to incur injuries that are unneeded.

I believe now that the party may be doomed. If we cannot convince some of the party to use magic weapons against these foes, our attempts to protect them may create too many openings for the evil to get us.

Great luck, Jonathan has discovered a secret stairwell, I shall take the lead, I feel with me taking the lead, we are better prepared to face the evil. On the way down the stairs, of course, some of the absent minded party members decided to wonder off on their own. When will they learn!! Dru made it back safely but apparently Fafnir had a run in with the one stronger creature that fled our attacks earlier.

Finally at the bottom, we found a great hall filled with statues of many great Dwarven heroes. It seems Ghelt has turned into a babbling fool in here. We have to drag her to the other end of the hall, where her helmet begins to glow and the set of large doors open. The wall here has similar murals as on her helmet.
Strange luck that the helmet had fallen into our hands.

As we forge into the new hallway, after the great doors, the ceiling began to fall. The party began to run for the end of the hall, having to help each other due to the debris. The hall ended in a cavern divided by an abyss, and what was a bridge long ago. The floor is covered on both sides by the remains of many corpses. Obviously a great battle had raged here. I see many ghosts here, they seem to be happy to see Ghelt, they say they haven’t seen a living Dwarf in so long, they feared that they were all dead. I let Ghelt know the pleasure the dead are feeling having seen her, strangely this disturbs her.

Before I can say anymore, an image of many armed Dwarves appears across the cavern from us, then a great evil charges into their ranks. One by one the mighty Dwarven forces are slain. This seen brings a lump into all of our throats, and strengthens by resolve to slay the evil.

Then to everyone’s surprise, Dru went over to the ledge of the abyss to look down, and knocked some debris over the ledge. Whatever fell, awoke a party of evil that has roamed these halls for a long time. Some sort of winged heads came up from the ledge, screaming an unholy noise. This noise apparently froze several members of the party. And to add insult to injury, the creature that went after Fafnir earlier attacked a frozen Jonathan.

The party fought well and dispatched the forces of evil, even Fafnir’s buddy. I was hit several times by the creatures to no effect, but Ghelt was struck badly. Dru explained we had to watch Ghelt and pray, or she may turn into one of those flying heads. After a while resting all was well, although Ghelt seems a little unhinged by it all.

The party begins to argue over the course of what to do next, and did their best to deny all the logical ideas I set out. Why do the tall ones never listen to the little people. Finally Faf cast a spell on me to let me go gather up the magic items on the other side. Together with the ones from this side, we have increased our strength well. Strangely Ghelt turns down a nice magical set of armor, I think she may be facing long lasting damage from the bite. I take the armor and the boots, nobody seems to mind. I feel almost like a paladin now, all I need is a shield and a mount.

Posted by Jim on April 13, 2003, 10:30 | Korin’s Journal