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Big Dwarven Place

Korin’s Journal

Eeewww, them are some ugly dwarves. Stop giggling Trap.

Wow, Fafnir can float.

Wow, big Dwarven place, I will hide here, just to be safe.

Dru is going to let me have that cursed sword, me, Trap and Ghelt can get rid of it then.

Why am I always alone when they turn into monsters?

Strange, this sword seems different when it is in my hands. I wish to talk to Trap about this, but he refused to enter this Dwarven city. He said it is too evil, and he fears for his life. While I hold this sword, I seem to see things.

I sense a trap, something does not feel right. I yell for Ghelt and the party, to help fight the evil I sense. But as we gain access to the room, Jon decides to pretend he is the door. The shadows are getting the fool, I am forced to throw him out of the way for his own sake. Dru scares or kills them off, the party has decided to back out of here for now. I think I may be the only one who can kill these creatures of evil.

After the party is outside, I talk to Trap, I tell him to watch over them while I go look around inside. Soon as I re-enter the keep, one of the shadows comes at me. This sword seems to almost lead itself as I cut down the shadow. I go looking farther, there may be an arms room with some helpful items. I go through several small rooms before the shadows come again. Three from one side of the hall, and one from the other. I head for the one. As I put the final blow into that one, the others attack me. I am forced to flee the keep.

That night the dark forms came at our camp outside the keep. I did my best to take them all on, some got past me. All the creatures are slain, but the damage is done, at least Ghelt is finally using the spear against them.

The next morning the party has decided to go back in. Strange, I feel that I would go back in even if the party wanted to go another direction. Trap says I am acting different, I remind him that he is dead, and everything probably looks different.

Posted by Jim on April 6, 2003, 10:48 | Korin’s Journal