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Quiet Trap, They Will Hear You

Korin’s Journal

Ok, getting boring again. Barrel, humm...., maybe Ghelt isn’t really watching.

Hi Trap, I thought you were dead? Do all my friends come back after they die?

Damned that Gnome is nailing the barrel shut, he must be trying to kill me.

“Korin not in the barrel, just push it in, it will be fine.” They are easy to trick. I hear Trap, “Trap push me in.” Weeeeeee.

What do you mean you are attacking the giant, does he remember that we are small. That sword must be cursed as Ghelt said.

Barrels are fun, here comes the fall.

Uhho, Ghelt sounds pissed. Maybe I will just hide in here until she calms down. But the water is getting higher. “Korin is in the barrel, help Korin. Ghelt save Korin!”

Barrels are bad, I will never do that again.

Hey look Trap, let’s check out the barrels. Wigs, cool, let’s change outfits, and see if anyone notices. You be Korin and I will be Trap.

Good giant, bad giant? Ghelt saved my life again, think the elf hates Korin. Hi Trap.

NNNOOOO!!! He killed Trap, wish elf had healed us. Must stop giant before it gets to Ghelt.

Trap says after he was killed, he was waiting for me. That way we travel together. But someone was healing me while he was helping me up. Trap says that made us stuck together. All I know is I am glad to have him around. He says he is going to teach me to be a good theif just like him.

Ghelt crying a lot, I never thought Dwarves cried. Hum. I help Ghelt take care of Trap’s body, Trap said it will make her feel better. Trap has an idea ...

Posted by Jim on March 15, 2003, 12:27 | Korin’s Journal