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New Toy

Trap’s Journal

I got a new toy today. We started off with a big fight, I was busy looking for something and missed all the fun, but I found a cool book. It went boom when I opened it. I wasn’t hurt though. We decided to sleep for a day, and then finished searching the top floor. One door hit me with lightening, so I knew there had to be something in there, but all I saw was trash. After searching through the room I found this short sword with a symbol of Pelor on it. The ground floor was empty, so we went to the basement. In one room, we found 2 undead things. I raised my new toy, and yelled, “Die Fiend!” and attacked. Others came in after to help fight the things. The sword did lots of damage, I like it.

We then found a scepter, got Mule, and went back to the slaves to free them. Ghelt threw the bands in the lake. We’re spending the night here. Then it’s off to the Heart of Nerull.

Posted by Fred on February 17, 2003, 17:42 | Trap’s Journal