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Excerpts From the Journal of the Witch Lord

Adventures, DM’s Notes & Maps

Coldeven 27, 592 CY

The others have moved the timeframe up again. Damn them all to the Nine Hells! How do they expect me to keep up with their demands? I will have to conscript more workers for the mines. Fortunately, there is a tribe of kobolds that just recently moved into the area. Durll says he is looking for weaknesses in the defenses of Mordorzack. The dwarves there will serve nicely as will their mines.

Planting 9, 592 CY

Durll has returned. He has found the entrance to Arun-tosa, the fabled Lost City of the Dead. He swears that the Heart is there. With its power I will wrest power from Kragas. I need to learn patience— it wouldn’t do to move too quickly lest the others discover my plans. I still don’t entirely trust the gray dwarf, but he has proven useful.

Planting 16, 592 CY

My minions continue to bring me ore from the mines. It is amazing how easy these simple creatures are to control. However, production is still behind. If I am to meet my quota we will need more slaves for the mine. The residents of Bissel should prove useful in the future. I will attend to that matter after my ascension.

Planting 20, 592 CY

At last my phylactery is nearly complete. Tonight I will be prepared to complete the final ritual. Once the ritual is finished, nothing will stop me from reaching Arun-tosa. I will need to thank Belial for his assistance once this is over.

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