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Freeday, 21 Planting

Valon’s Journal

Well, so far the adventure has gone downhill, for me at least.

We left Smallville yesterday morning, and had a rather uneventful day. We followed our map towards the Barrier Peaks, and as we got closer to them we came upon a small farmhouse, which had beeen looted. We searched the house for clues, hoping that we would be able to find the victims of the attack.

While searching the area we found blood that was still wet all over the place , and recent footprints, some of small humanoids and some of large humanoids.

We spent the night at the house and set off along the path of foot prints the next morning.

Here begins Valon and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

We followed the path to a cave which had skulls on a pole posted outside the enterance. We entered the cave and began through a tiny passage I heard Trap fall and a clanging from out ahead of us.

We retreated out of the cave and set up an ambush for anyone coming out. After a few minutes, Trap got hit by an arrow from the ledge. We dealt with the goblin on the ledge above, and headed back down the passage, with me leading the way. I came upon an ogre and tried to slip past it, letting Ghelt, who was behind me, deal with it (she is a more powerful fighter, after all.) Unfortunately the ogre kept up with me and I got hit by him. HARD. I laid on the ground barely consious, hoping that I would still be help to everyone else, a Goblin hit me, though and I fell unconsious.

I awoke with Drusilia above me and I could still hear sounds of a fight . I got up and followed the sounds. I attempted to shoot an arrow, but the string of my bow broke, and the arrow ended up hitting Fafnir, who seemed to have multiplied into 6 Fafnirs. I promtly gave up on trying to help as I was proving useless as the creature Trap had when I first saw him. The party has now finished clearing out the caves, and we are now set to travel further into the mountains.

Posted by Tim on January 12, 2003, 13:41 | Valon’s Journal