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Moonday, 10 Planting (Continued)

Valon’s Journal

...We managed to get out of the ravine pretty easiliy, though the getting the weakest out was a little trouble. We found the person that Ghelt was so insistant on returning to. I understand why, as he was in the same shape as the rest of his company. We used my tent to make a sort of sled to return them to town with.

The return to town (a place called Smallville, and small it is) was uneventful, but once in town Drusilia was called upon to help an old widow who was terrified of “Evil Spirits” in her home.

I am completely convinced that Trap had taken some kind of STUPID pills before we collected ourselves to help the widow.

The Widows house was infested by stirges, not evil spirits. Drusilia instructed Trap to accompany the widow outside and keep her safe. Trap decided to go take the widow outside and come back inside to “help” (spelled H-I-N-D-E-R) the party. As we fought the stirges Trap managed to only shoot (yes SHOOT, with a bow, INDOORS) Fafnir in the rear and stab himself, though the stirges seemed to have quite a taste for him.

After cleaning up the 20’x20’ house, We returned to our homes (and inn) for rest.

Posted by Tim on January 5, 2003, 11:38 | Valon’s Journal