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Moonday, 10 Planting

Valon’s Journal

Well, my quiet adventure has changed...I’m not sure if it is for better or for worse...

I was traveling down the path today and a huge spider dropped on top of me before I could react. I surely would’ve been the spider’s lunch, but fortunatly an axe-wielding dwarf appeared from nowhere and killed the spider before it could do to much damage to me. I think the spider bit me, but I still felt ok, other than he nagging pain of the bite wound. Along with the dwarf (introduced to me as Ghelt) were 3 others, a strange Halfling they called Trap (I think it was because of his ability to be caught in them) a gnome named Fafnir and an elf named Drusilia.

Fafnir and Drusilia immediatly asked my about my sword, calling it a stick. I don’t understand why, it looks like a sword to me, and it always has before. They even went as far as to make me slash into the spider corpse to prove to them my weapon could cut.

As we argued the other two party members wandered off and were attacked by more spiders and humanoidish creatures. They looked like a mix between goblins and spiders. Ghelt and Trap both looked to be in pretty bad shape when we got to them, Trap on the ground and Ghelt was tring to fight off two of the goblin-spider creatures and a spider. Fafnir tried to put the creatures attacking trap to sleep, but only managed to get one and Trap. I began singing an Elvish warsong I had learned at home and tried to aid Trap. I killed one of the spiders that was attacking Trap, and saw that the dwarf had been caught up in webbing and was being dragged off by one of the goblin-spiders. I caught up to the creature and killed it before it could get away with Ghelt.

After we dispatched the rest of the creatures, I lit the webs that filled the trees overhead on fire, removing the homes of the creatures we had just dispatched from the forest.

The group then followed marks on the ground to a small ravine, which we climbed down. Fafnir, Trap and Ghelt made it down with little trouble, though Ghelt had a scary moment or two, Dursilia needed help getting down, and I made it down into the ravine with little trouble.

Once we were into the ravine it continued into a small area of caves which were filled with our spiderish friends. Into battle we jumped once again. I know I got hit pretty hard by something and Drusilia had to drag me away from the battle. She cast a healing spell of some sort on me and I felt a little better.
She seems to be a capable fighter, but she seemed to be unable to do anything today. I heard her mention something about a curse...I’ll have to ask her about it.

Anyway, we must have fought through more than a half dozen more creatures before we came to a large open area. There was a hole in the wall high above us and we could see a spiderlike creature unlike any of the others we had fought. It used magic to protect itself and attacked us from its hole. We were forced to fight it at range, but one of Trap’s arrows manged to slay it. We found three elf or man-sized coccons and cut them open. Aparently this is what we were looking for, as everyone seemed very relieved. We also found a chest that Trap unlocked and opened (getting stabbed by a poisoned needle TWICE).

Ghelt seemed insitant that we leave to help someone else we had found in the woods. I really would like to rest, but she said he was not in good shape so we needed to get back to him as soon as possible....

Posted by Tim on December 28, 2002, 17:18 | Valon’s Journal