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Long Day, Heavy Pen

Trap’s Journal

This was a very long day. Were taking a couple of minutes to pack up our new friends’ stuff, so I’m going to write this now. At least as long as I can lift this pen.

We finished off the mansion, and found ourselves in a cavern occupied by a bunch of Zombies(probably the ones turned earlier). We finished them off easily enough, and Drusilia found a rope. It was tied to a box with 2 vials of something. Fafnir said they were magical, but didn’t know what they did.

Then we got on a raft (Ghelt didn’t like that much.) and, after fighting some cross currents, made it to the other side in one piece. On the other sore, was a natural (or so I was told) rift in the opposite wall. We followed that for what seemed like hours, and came to a split in the path. We went left, and I was almost impaled by a spear that came out of the wall. We went on more carefully. The path eventually led us directly into Dim Forest. We decided to go back and try the other path just in case (and much to my relief). We followed it down to a dark cavern. While inspecting it, these living spikes started to fall on us. I kept one as a pet. He was fun. We did have to run for our lives, and went back to the forest to go home.

A little way down the trail, we encountered an almost dead human. He told of how his party was attacked by humanoid spider things. So we healed him gave him a dagger, and went after his friends. A little ways into the woods, we saw a guy swinging a stick at a very big spider, bigger than me. I was going to throw spike at it, but Ghelt killed it first. Then everyone started arguing about the guy’s weapon. Personally, he can continue to believe his stick is a sword if he wants to, we had things to do. So Ghelt and I left.

Ghelt got all tangled up in some webs a little later. I was fighting a spider when I lost consciousness. When I came to, it was over, and Spike was dead. I did find a cocoon, but it was only filled with little spiders. Continuing to follow the drag marks, we came to a ravine. The trail ended here, so we went in. A few feet down, we were attacked. We killed several spiders, and humanoid spider things. But the people we were looking for weren’t there. So we kept looking. Finally we found the humanoid spider thing in charge. I say this because it used magic on us. We all damaged it, but it was my shot that finally killed it.

Down a side passage way we found a room with cocoons and bones everywhere. The people we were looking for were in there. We also found their stuff, and a iron chest. I checked it, but didn’t find that damned needle trap. I was hit twice with it, and now have almost no strength. So I’m writing now while everyone else gets ready to go. This pen is almost to heavy for me to hold, so I’ll say bye for now I’ll write again later.

Posted by Fred on December 26, 2002, 18:40 | Trap’s Journal