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Excerpts From the Journal of Abd al-Azrad

Adventures, DM’s Notes & Maps

First day of Patchwall 567 CY

The duergar have attacked the temple from the lower levels. I should have seen this coming after Durll stormed out of here. I don’t know for certain what the disagreement was about but I suspect it had something to do with Akazar’s quest for the Heart of Nerull. We have forced them back and are now raising reinforcements from the catacombs. If the duergar return they will witness the glory of Nerull firsthand.

Third day of Patchwall 567 CY

The duergar raids continue against us still. Our defenses are weakening; today the duergar almost made it into the chapel proper. We have even raised the duergar fallen to aid in our defense. However, we are losing ground and I fear the next assault will be our last.

Fifth day of Patchwall 567 CY

I have taken over the duties in the chapel for Neezer today, as he was feeling queasy. There has been no sign of the duergar since Akazar used the Rod of Undeath to raise those who were interred in the catacombs and sent them into the lower levels. We have collapsed the passage down to avert further raids. Why Durll would turn against Akazar now is a mystery. It couldn’t be because of his winning personality. I suspect Durll must have received a better offer for the Heart of Nerull. Akazar’s obsession could very well have been the undoing of us all.

Ninth day of Patchwall 567 CY

Today Gathras and Delnor have both come down with the same sickness as Neezer. No form of healing, magical or otherwise, has been effective. I hope that a cure can be found before it spreads further. Perhaps we should give Akazar to Nerull in exchange for a cure.

Twelfth day of Patchwall 567 CY

Yesterday Neezer died from his ailment and today I saw his desiccated corpse rise again. Unfortunately, we had to destroy him. His shell was intent on destroying all he saw. Akazar said he was going to pray for guidance but I suspect he is cowering in fear. I do not relish having to destroy any of the others if a cure can’t be found.

Fourteenth day of Patchwall 567 CY

This accursed sickness that has spread through the temple has now taken hold of everyone including myself. I find myself almost too weak to write but write I must. I blame Akazar and his obsession for this curse and if only I had the strength, I would send him to Nerull myself. He has locked himself away in his private sanctum and hasn’t been seen in days. Now all I can do is wait and pray to Nerull to take me.

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